How Your Garage Could Add Some Extra Numbers To Your Real Estate Price

Professional garage door services

It’s always a pain when things break, especially if they’re often used, like a garage door. However, sometimes repairing a garage door that’s broken can be a great excuse to remodel your garage entirely or explore the different types of garage doors that are out there, if you’ve been looking for an upgrade. If you’re nervous about doing it yourself, you can find companies that do professional garage door installation or a business that does garage door servicing. (This might be a good option if you’re not just repairing a garage door, but redoing the whole garage — you want the finished product to look polished and professional, especially if you’re remodeling with selling in mind.
What To Consider When Replacing Your Garage Door?
A report from Cost vs. Value shows that an average price for replacing a garage door is almost $1,500. You’ll want to find a garage door that looks high quality, but also serves your functions — so you may not need the most expensive door out there, but one that fits your style. Besides, the garage door is one of the first things people will see of your home when it’s closed, so you want it to fit the rest of the home’s aesthetic.
If your garage directly attaches to your house, you may want to see if you can get insulation put in your garage and even in your door. For consumers who are interested in going more green, there are garage doors out there now that make composite doors — that is, doors made out of 100% recycled wood fibers.
If you’re looking for an electric garage door, know that the garage door opener doesn’t usually come with the door and will have to be installed separately. Many people don’t take that into consideration when estimating the overall price.
How A Good Garage Can Boost Your Home’s Price
If you’ve had your garage door for awhile, repairing your garage door can make a massive improvement on how your home looks. Replacing springs can get rid of that squeaky garage door that annoys everyone and looking into different types of openers might add extra money to your home’s price. Even better, you can expect to get back almost 85% of your financing of a new door.
If you’re thinking of repairing a garage door or replacing it, because you’re in the market to sell, these facts may be useful to you. Buyers are looking for garages that fit at least two or more vehicles — especially in suburban areas, where most families will commute to work using a car. Over 50% of people looking for a house will want at least a two car garage and about 20% are looking for a garage that can fit three or more cars.
Don’t forget to tidy up either — 70% of Americans will judge an owner by how neat or messy the garage is. So your cluttered workspace or kids’ toys everywhere might lead a potential buyer to have concerns about the rest of the house.
Don’t wait — invest your money where it’s right and make your garage a useful and lucrative space in your home!

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