Cut Your Moving Costs


According to the Employee Relocation Council, moving is the third most stressful event in life (ranked behind death and divorce). The stresses of moving are more than just buying, renting, or selling real estate, packing and unpacking, and scheduling the logistics of utilities. Moving can take a toll on your wallet, too. Therefore, if your move warrants more than a do it yourself haul across town, finding the best moving company is imperative.

So let us talk money. The average cost of a professional move is slightly more than $12,000, according to U.S. News and World Report. That is why whether your move requires interstate moving companies or a cross town move, you need to find the best moving companies that are not only affordable, but have legitimate recommendations, licenses, and references. As such, here are a few tips to help you cut your moving costs.

For starters, when selecting a moving company, it helps to begin with obtaining several quotes. (At least three, but some experts say 10 quotes are better.) In addition to the distance of your move, a moving company can quote you on what you are moving, such as number of bedrooms, large bulky furniture, how many flights of stairs, etc. A moving company may also offer to pack and store your belongings for you; this option will add to the price quoted, of course. Another cost saving measure is when you move. Because most people move during the warm summer months, prices may be higher. Instead, choose to move in the autumn or winter, if possible. It is also important to insure your belongings. Therefore if anything breaks in transport, you will not have to eat the entire cost. Tandem with this sentiment is how important it is to only use a moving company that is insured and bonded. Last but not least. Do your research when selecting a moving company. An interstate moving company should be registered with the Department of Transportation, and there are also numerous online registries on which previous customers can attest to the reputation and professionalism of a moving company.

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