Do Window Cleaners Still Provide Services in Winter?

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It’s a question that window cleaning professionals get a lot: do cleaners still offer home window cleaning services in the winter?

Home window cleaning services are straightforward enough in the warmer months, when the worst that can interrupt a job is usually wind and rain. But in the winter, you have below freezing temperatures, snowstorms and blizzards. Is it really possible for residential window cleaners to do their jobs in these conditions?

The answer is yes. Most cleaners need the income too much to stop offering home window cleaning services in the cold months of winter. Though business is often slower when there’s snow on the ground, it doesn’t stop altogether.

Take January, for instance. January is a highly advantageous time to sell a home, and most people selling in January want their home to sell fast. Window cleaning increases curb appeal and reduces selling time.

People also tend to want their windows cleaned before holiday parties or events in their homes, so closing in December is out of the question as well.

Weather doesn’t make it impossible to clean in winter. It’s true that window cleaners have to reschedule more often, but there are still plenty of mild days they can use to clean. Most professional cleaners have equipment and gear designed to withstand cold and ice.

But won’t the window cleaning fluid freeze on your windows? No more than your front car window freezes in winter when you spritz it with windshield fluid. In fact, many cleaners use some derivation of windshield fluid in winter to prevent freezing.

If you need to get your windows cleaned, there’s no need to wait for spring cleaning time to do so. Call up your local residential window cleaner and ask them if they provide winter cleanings. Most of the time, it won’t be a problem.

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