Faux Panel Molding for Your Dining Room? Three Fun DIY Ideas

Diy projects for home

Did you know that 72% of homeowners are planning to take on a DIY project this year? DIY stands for Do It Yourself, and can be a fun way to add color, freshness, or a unique touch to your home. Here are three interesting home DIY projects you can tackle this very weekend, as well as a few tips so that you have a great experience.

1. Bookend Floating Bookshelf

Out of our DIY weekend projects list, this one is easy and will be particularly effective at creating an interesting design effect in your home. This works best with metal bookends, which often have existing screw holes you can use. Otherwise, they need to be drilled. Hold the bookend flat against a wall, with one side sticking straight out. Screw in. Once the bookend is secured, it can hold multiple books and create the appearance of a floating bookshelf!

2. Weathered Jewelry Holder

Have you ever found a beautiful piece of driftwood or other solid, grained wood that you wanted desperately to use in a craft? Take four to five unused furniture knobs and screw them into the wood for a creative and study necklace holder. This is an easy home DIY idea that can be used for a number of purposes.

3. Faux Panel Molding

Want to give your room an expensive look, without paying the high price? One affordable option is framed wallpaper. A large frame, such as a 5×2 ft, will do the job. Placing it next to a desk or small table will give you an elegant home addition for a very affordable price. This works best in rooms that have a solid paint color on the walls, while using a complementary colored, intricately designed wallpaper sample.

Do Not Forget Safety!

Around 220,000 DIYers in the U.S. end up in the emergency room every year. Not surprisingly, many of these injuries are preventable when a little extra care is taken. Injuries from tools, falls, and breathing difficulties because of paint or chemical inhalation are all common DIY home problems. Read the directions on all materials and tools so that you understand how to use them properly, and leave complex and difficult installation projects to the professionals.

What easy home projects have you accomplished? Let us know in the comments!

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