Five Signs Your Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned

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Homeowners all across the United States run their HVAC systems constantly during both the summer and winter months to make sure that their home is as comfortable as possible. However, over time, without the proper maintenance and cleaning, they could start pumping out more than just air. There are all kinds of materials that uncleaned heating and cooling systems can spread into your home, so investing in air systems duct cleaning services regularly is a smart choice. Though it can be hard to determine if duct and vent cleaning is necessary, there are a few things you should look for to help make the right decision.

Inefficient Systems

If your home isn’t staying at the temperature you would like, despite the fact that the thermostat is programmed and systems seem to be working, you might want to hire air systems duct cleaning professionals. A buildup of dirt or dust could clog systems and prevent them from moving air smoothly. So when the air you feel isn’t as hot or cold as it should be, it might be time for a cleaning.

Dust and Debris Pouring Out of Vents

Perhaps the most common indicator of when to clean air ducts is the appearance of dust and debris spewing out of the register. You can’t see the majority of dust that comes out of HVAC systems, so if big dust balls or clumps of pet hair are flying around, you know that your ducts are ready to be cleaned.

Mold You Can See

If mold or mildew has grown on the vents or anywhere else you can see, then getting ducts cleaned right away is the smart choice. Mold removal can be a bit of a cumbersome – and possibly costly – process, but if you do find mold, getting rid of it quickly is a must. Dirt and dust might make you cough a bit, but long-term exposure to mold can be quite problematic.


Sometimes, laying in bed late at night, you might imagine hearing things in your walls or think someone is walking downstairs. However, if there actually are rodents running around in your ducts, you will definitely have to get them cleaned. Between hair, feces, and any mess they drag around with them, infested ducts could be rather disgusting.

Unexplained Respiratory Problems

If you develop a cold, cough, or something more serious, then there is a chance that your HVAC system is causing you to breath in harmful materials. Hiring air systems duct cleaning pros every time you get a sniffle isn’t a good idea, but if you can’t find any solutions, doing so might be beneficial.

Experts say that you should change HVAC air filters twice a year, and regular maintenance will prove to be worthwhile. But, there are certain problems that should tell you to find internal air duct cleaning services right away. More like this article:

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