Thinking of Building Your Own PC? What You Need to Know First

Plastic plugs

Did you know that, according to NPD research, Americans are paying an average of $1,000 for Mac desktop computers? Getting by without a computer in today’s increasingly digital world can be incredibly difficult. It can be equally difficult, however, to come up with the money to afford a brand new computer. Building a custom PC can be an inexpensive and resourceful alternative – if it’s done right. Construct a quality PC, and avoid creating expensive electrical hazards, using the following finishing tools and products.

Rubber Grommets and Cable Glands

Circular or oblong rubber grommets fit inside machinery and electronics to protect cords and cables from jagged metal pieces. Rubber grommet sizes vary a great deal, and custom grommets can often be purchased to best suit the task or project at hand. Heavy duty or reinforced grommets withstand high temperatures, and some are even capable of maintaining their original shape under pressure. The relatively small fixtures can be especially helpful when putting together a custom or DIY PC. The reason? Builders can use grommets to reduce vibrations and noise from fans and other internal mechanisms.

Cable glands, likewise, help protect wires and cords inside – and even outside – custom PCs. Brass, stainless steel, and plastic cable glands fit over the ends of electrical wiring and safely connect wires to various parts and equipment. Manufacturers also offer cable glands that seal circuits and wiring off from dust and liquid spills.

Metric Spacers

The most important element when building your own PC is some kind of metric spacer. Metric spacers or standoffs are a critical element; without them, your system is like to overheat and fry. Most spacers are metallic, and elevate or separate motherboards from computer’s external metal casing.

Building your own PC can save you a considerable amount of money, and give you greater formatting and systems options. Use rubber grommets, cable glands, and metric spacers to keep DIY PCs running smoothly and safe from costly electrical hazards.

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