Four Spots to Begin Your Search for Lost Keys

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Getting locked out of your car or home can be a hassle and, sometimes, the only way to get in is to call emergency locksmiths. Dependable locksmith services can be a great help, especially if you are in a hurry, but they generally won’t help you find your keys. Most everybody loses their keys at some point, and scrambling around in the morning to try to find them might be a daily occurrence. But one of the problems with trying to find them again is that you may have no idea where to even start looking. If that’s the case, then give these common places a shot.

In the Ignition

If you had to check your makeup, reach into the back seat to grab something, or just wanted to rock out while your favorite song was on when you parked, then there’s a chance that you left your keys in the ignition. While it might seem silly to check there, it is certainly not uncommon. Plus, it only takes a few seconds to look.

Drawers and Cabinets

Even though you might have a specific shelf or counter that you always throw you keys on so that they won’ get lost and you’ll never have to call an emergency locksmith, sometimes, people simply misplace them. And you can never count out the fact that sometime they get moved around during “cleaning.” There’s often a good chance that they’ll be put in a drawer or cabinet when someone is tidying up.

Couch Cushions

It seems like there are no items that aren’t susceptible to slipping between the cracks in couch cushions and getting lost. Every thing from the remote to loose change and pizza crust to your keys can get into the couch. Overturning cushions might be a bit gross as a result, but its a good place to start the hunt for your keys.

“Check Your Pockets”

The questions “Did you check your pockets?” might seem silly, just like losing keys in the ignition, but its easy to forget putting them in a coat or pants pocket and forgetting when you change clothes. You might be surprised how often your keys turn up in the clothes you were wearing earlier in the day or the night before.

Generally, if you lose your keys, they’ll turn up right where you left them. But the problem is that knowing where exactly that was is difficult. After calling emergency locksmiths to get back into your car or home, check these spots to try to figure out exactly where they were lost. Check out this website for more.

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