Four Things to Consider Before Hiring a Roofer

Michigan roofers

Residential roofing is one of those home improvement projects that very few people can, let alone want to, tackle themselves. If you aren’t a professional, then doing roof repair yourself might actually create more harm for your home than good.

Luckily for those homeowners, there are over 50,000 businesses dedicated to residential roofing, siding for homes, and installing gutters. And yes, gutters and siding are key components for maintaining any home. In fact, 88% of homeowners view the outside of their home as one entity, instead of the separate parts it actually is. Professional roofers know that the windows, roof, gutters, and siding are all different parts and must be treated differently to make your home’s exterior durable.

Durability in an important factor in roofing and siding, because it increases the strength of your home and its resistance to the elements, impacting longevity as well. Rain, wind, snow, can all do damage to your home’s exterior, and a roof that can last 30 years is, of course, a better investment than a roof you must replace in just 15 years.
Perhaps roof repair cost is the reason why durability was ranked the most important issue to consumers (88%) when deciding on purchasing a new roof, with longevity being the second most important consideration (83%).

Along with cost, durability, and longevity, people are also concerned with maintenance. The less upkeep the exterior needs, the better — and 72% of homeowners would prefer to have an exterior that required minimal maintenance. While some might have a do-it-yourself attitude, it’s a smart decision to get professional help with your residential roofing project.

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