How Can You Better Manage Your Garden? Three Tips

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Did you know that gardening has become increasingly popular in the U.S.? The landscaping industry employs almost 900,000 people, and there are about 164 million people in the U.S. who garden on a fairly regular basis.

There are plenty of reasons people start getting into gardening. One reason is an increasing desire to produce food — in the form of fruits and vegetables — at home. This is part of an overall larger movement toward organic food, and away from crops that get sprayed with pesticides and preservatives.

If you’ve decided to start adding veggies and fruits to your garden, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with tips and advice for better yield. Better landscaping designs can absolutely make a difference in how many peppers you’re able to pick, for example. Here are three things you should keep in mind.

1. Rows Are Not Necessary

Many of us have grown up with the idea that rows fro crops make sense. While this does make sense if you have a farm and drive a large machine through your fields, it makes a lot less sense for your home. Instead, make use of your square footage — only leave the space around plants that they need for growth.

2. Colored Mulch is Fine for Hardier Plants

If you’re planting small strawberry sides, don’t spread a layer of mulch over them. part of mulch’s goal is to keep down weed growth. However, for larger plants that are already vigorously growing, it’s not a bad investment. Mulch can keep away weeds that zap up nutrients and space, and also help keep more moisture in the soil, which your plants need to grow.

3. How to Get Rid of Pests

If you’re trying to keep your vegetable garden organic and free of chemicals, you might encounter a dilemma when bugs or bunnies start munching through your plants. Luckily, there are often safe solutions for handling these problems. Vinegar, for example, can kill or deter many types of bugs and mold. And for animals that won’t stay away, scent can often be a powerful detraction. Have a cat or dog? Sometimes bunnies will stay away if you simply leave tufts of predator hair around the corners of your garden. Alternatively, try placing landscaping rocks, or even a short fence, around your garden to keep animals out.

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