How to Fix Common Furnace Issues

If you are looking for tips on heating repair for your furnace, then this video is for you. The video brings detailed explanations of how to get the job done, and some demonstrations are provided for you, so you have a visual of what needs to be done. The video explains how newer furnaces have a lock out feature.

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This feature is turned on when the furnace tries to ignite multiple times but fails to do so. How a flame sensor ends up with build-up is explained and the video will show you how to clean the rod.

The video shows what other furnaces look like, with the flame sensor being in a hard-to-reach area, but tips on how to reach those areas are provided. You will get insight into the different types of extensions that you should have that are very useful. Materials used for the different types of venting are briefly mentioned in the video as well. What is meant to happen when you are done fixing your furnace is explained in the video, so you know when you have done a grand job.

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