Tips For Fertilizing a Lawn

Is your lawn looking a bit lackluster? Do you want to add greener grass and maybe even grow some native flowers to your area? Then you should consider fertilizing your lawn. It can be easy to do as soon as you obtain the right tools for the task. In this video, you will learn some of the tools you need in order to do some lawn fertilization in your home. You will also learn about how to do said fertilization without having to hire a company to do it for you.

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You are going to want to pay attention to what kind of lawn season you have in your area. If you have a cool-season lawn, try to fertilize in the early stages of spring. First of all, mow your lawn so that you have a nice base, to begin with. After that, you can start spreading the fertiloizer. There are many tools that you can buy for this, but the man in the video recommends a wheelbarrow-type design that shoots the fertilizer out of this. This tool is easy to use and helps you out with the weight of the fertilization products. Once you have spread the fertilizer, you should be ready to go!

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