How to Install an Electric Water Heater

If you’ve decided it’s time to get a new water heater, you may want to try installing it yourself in order to save on money. Electric hot water heaters are popular because they can be easier to install and are relatively energy-efficient. If you would like to give this a go, then this video is for you.

Video Source

In this video, you will learn everything you need to know in order to install your electric hot water heater yourself. Remember, you can get the help you need from a professional at any time.

The video will begin by explaining how to check your water pressure as this will be important to keep you and your pipes and water heater safe. The video will give you tips on how to check for certain things. When it comes time to drain the tank, opening a tap elsewhere in the house can help it to drain faster. You’ll then need to disconnect the pipes. The video will show you how to avoid possible flooding. The rest of the steps will get you set up!


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