Why You Should Upgrade Your Bathroom Next

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A bathroom is among the most private sections of your home, making it essential to make the room a comfortable and pleasant space. Yet, interestingly, it is also one of the most neglected areas of improvement during home upgrades. Most people avoid bathroom remodeling because of the high price tag associated with the task. However, you can find some fun ways to upgrade your bathroom without straining your budget.

Read on to learn the reasons for upgrading your self-care space and how to cheaply update a bathroom.

Reasons for Upgrading Your Bathroom

Whether you are unhappy with the current look or want to change an outdated style, you can find several reasons and advantages for upgrading your bathroom, and they include:

1. Create More Aesthetic Appeal

You want to experience a positive impact in the morning since the bathroom is the first place most people visit after waking up. Remodeling your room ensures a more attractive and lively design that gives your space a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing look.

2. The Need for Additional Storage Space

When you remodel your bathroom, you can conveniently identify unnecessary items that clutter your self-care space. Junk removal during the upgrade lets you create more storage space for essential products needed by your family.

3. Reduce Mildew and Mold

The longer your bathroom stays without an upgrade, the more the mildew and mold increase. As such, you end up spending considerable time cleaning your bathroom. Updating your bathroom ensures you can thorough-clean the space and install newer components for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

4. Enhance Sustainability and Efficiency

Upgrading your bathroom with assistance from an expert electrical contractor allows you to curb water usage and electricity bills. If you reside in an old home, chances are the materials used to make your bathroom fixtures and piping are not eco-friendly or energy-efficient.

5. Increase Your Bathroom’s Safety

Another reason for remodeling your bathroom is to increase safety in the space. You can utilize affordable means to change slippery or cracked tiles, replacing them with stylish options that add new life to the room. As you look at how to cheaply update a bathroom, you can also find local and affordable locksmiths to help you fix newer knobs around your bathroom doors.

6. Identify and Fix Damage

During a bathroom upgrade, you can contact a plumbing company to determine and fix any issues in your plumbing system as you install newer accessories. The plumber can also offer extensive toilet repairs to ensure maximum convenience and comfort.

7. Accommodate Your Family’s Needs

When you live with family, upgrading the bathroom allows you to easily adjust to your loved ones’ needs. For instance, remodeling the countertop to suit children or the elderly improves accessibility within the utilitarian space. You can also enhance comfort by ensuring your bathroom appliances function properly by having a water heater repair.

8. Boost Your Home’s Sales Value

Your bathroom, along with the rest of the home, experiences tear and wear over time, and upgrading the bathroom lets you maintain a contemporary look to match the rest of the house. You can enhance your bathroom’s condition by conducting a regular HVAC repair. A regular maintenance check in your system helps conveniently manage your budget when considering how to cheaply update your bathroom.

How to Cheaply Update a Bathroom

You may be among the people who ignore bathroom upgrades because of worries about costly renovations. However, with a little creativity, you can use the budget you have to refine your bathroom space, making it appear newer and stylish. Here are some ways of how to cheaply update a bathroom:

1. Add New Textiles

You can start by changing a shower curtain, giving the space a new look that feels like you painted a wall. Getting polished metal rings to replace the acrylic and plastic options can swiftly upgrade your room, giving it a luxurious appearance. In addition, adding accessories like new towels and a ceramic soap dish can instantly refine your bathroom.

You can purchase a cheap yet quality antique carpet from the flea market to enhance the space’s color, warmth, and scale. Vintage textiles can seamlessly merge with your modern bathroom to create a higher-end yet cozy look.

2. Upgrade Your Vanity

If you are looking at how to cheaply update a bathroom, upgrading your vanity is a good way to begin. You can get an occasional table from a second-hand market and transform it into a quality primitive vanity. Adding multiple coats of clear polyurethane lets you retain the table’s color and moisture-proof the wood for protection.

Besides, a table provides a convenient height to support a vessel-style sink, allowing you to retrofit the top to accommodate a faucet. If you do not require cutting into the table, you can install a wall-mounted faucet.

Alternately, you can opt to swap out your worn-out vanity countertop for a granite countertop installation. You can research the prices of the remnant granite slab to create a luxurious bathroom at pocket-friendly rates.

3. Purchase Vanity Combos

When you want a fresh look at an affordable budget, you can turn to vanity combos. Buy vanity combos that come with a sink and countertop pre-installed, making your setup cheaper. You can choose these off-the-shelf solutions in colors that complement your bathroom space for a smooth upgrade.

4. Update Your Walls

Updating your walls is another way of how to cheaply update a bathroom. You can find and install beaded boards to enhance architectural interest in your space. Generally, the panels are available in lightweight and affordable sheets, allowing you to create a beautiful look virtually indistinguishable from the authentic beaded board.

You can also considerably change your bathroom’s appearance by strategically hanging mirrors. Having a gilded mirror adds some sparkle to the room while giving the utilitarian space a luxurious feel. Besides this, you can buy a rounded mirror for dramatic effect, depending on the styles of your wallpaper and tiles.

Moreover, you can change your bathroom’s appearance by switching your wallpaper to a newer version with bold patterns. Quality and decorative wallpapers can give the space a contemporary appearance and eliminate an old-school feel. For example, bold floral wallpaper can deliver an upscale and glamorous look at a pocket-friendly price tag. With peel-and-stick wallpaper available, you can save additional expenses while allowing room for convenient future upgrades.

5. Change Your Light Fixtures

Your bathroom light fixtures are probably some of the oldest components of your home. Therefore, switching the outdated ones for newer styles can dramatically change the look of your space. For instance, you can place a chandelier in a spacious bathroom to give it a more romantic appearance.

You can also incorporate glass accents that give your room an alluring sparkle, letting you see your bathroom in new and stylish light. A visit to an internet auction, flea market, or architectural salvage yards can help you discover hidden gems that deliver unique accents and a vintage charm to your bathroom.

6. Tile Your Bathroom

When researching how to cheaply update a bathroom, changing your tiles is a convenient option to try. You can design a statement wall in a compact bathroom using dynamic chevron tiles. Installing uniquely patterned tiles on your floor can blend with the wall design to create a playful appearance. Subway tiles present affordable and quality versions, which you can comfortably use to form a stylish herringbone pattern or a traditional bond look.

Furthermore, you can finish the lower section of the bathroom walls and the shower surround using white field tiles. The low-cost tiles include a band of accent tiles that you can creatively incorporate to visually link different bathroom areas.

7. Decorate with Color

You can decorate your bathroom with color if you have predominantly white space. One of the ways of adding color to your room is by painting the bathroom cabinets and vanity. You can refinish or paint your vanity and cabinet doors in bolder colors that make your bathroom pop. If you love the existing colors, you can purchase colorful accessories to form playful focal points within the space, such as using wide and pretty ribbons to wrap your storage bins.

Additionally, you can install a new toilet seat with matching additions such as a toilet paper holder or towel bars. You can find professional help to fix the seat and check the plumbing system to ensure back flow prevention. Looking at your bathtub & shower installation, you can also change hardware like shower controls to match your available color scheme, enabling you to form a unified suite appearance within a few hours without denting your wallet.

Aside from these, you can utilize a two-tone paint treatment that lets you make your wall elegant. If you want to form a two-tone look, begin by measuring and marking your preferred height of the painted line using a pencil. Next, use a standard to apply painter’s tape to your marked measurement to ensure straightness. Afterward, paint the lower section in your favorite color for a simple upgrade without purchasing tiles.

If you have a predominantly colorful or dark-themed bathroom, you can upgrade the look by adding white accessories.

8. Clean Your Bathroom Grout

Cleaning is one of the simplest things to consider when looking at how to cheaply update your bathroom. The grout is notorious for accumulating dirt and discoloring, adding a dull feel to your bathroom. Thus, cleaning these lines can considerably enhance the space’s appearance, facilitating balance or contrast for a stylish appearance with the tiles and bathroom design. You can easily clean your bathroom grout using the following cheap methods:

Plain Warm Water and a Brush

You can quickly clean the grout using plain warm water and a brush with stiff bristles for efficient scrubbing. Spray warm water on the lines, scrub in a circular motion, and rinse before letting them dry.

Vinegar and Warm Water

When you have mild stains or heavier dirt, you can utilize vinegar and warm water. Vinegar is a popular and reliable choice when dealing with different household chores. Start by filling a spray bottle with a half-and-half solution of warm water and vinegar. After that, spray on the grout lines and wait for five minutes before scrubbing with your stiff-bristled brush.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you need a stronger cleaning agent, you can turn to vinegar and a baking soda paste. First, cover the lines with a paste of water and baking soda. Next, spray the half-and-half vinegar and water solution on the grout, where foaming will begin. Lastly, start scrubbing the grout with a brush once the mixture stops foaming and finish by rinsing with plain water.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Grout lines with moderate stains can need more power, leading you to get some hydrogen peroxide. You can readily find it in most drug stores to enhance your convenience when interested in how to cheaply update a bathroom. With this product, you can directly apply it on your bathroom lines or make a paste by combining hydrogen peroxide with baking soda.

Oxygen Bleach

Grimy grout and tougher stains require you to utilize oxygen bleach, a cleanser often available in powdered form. Using this method, you need to ventilate your bathroom well, carefully study and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application. It is generally advisable to apply the oxygen bleach solution and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing your grout lines with clean water.

Commercial Grout Cleaners

Commercial grout cleaners typically support two cleaning methods, allowing you to scour with a brush or to spray and wipe. The spray-on products may contain harsher solvents, acids, or chlorine bleach to support scrub-free utility. Whichever method you prefer, it is essential to note the active ingredients in the cleaner and carefully follow the directions given for safety.

Although most people often forget to upgrade their bathroom for various reasons, including time, budget, and lease restrictions, the suggestions above ensure you can make your bathroom have a higher-end appearance while staying within your limits. You can confidently put aside concerns about expensive renovations using these convenient do-it-yourself options for how to cheaply update a bathroom. These ideas can help you add a unique and modern feel to your bathroom, allowing you to enjoy comfort and style that blends with the rest of your home.

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