How To Save Money On Your Energy Bill This Holiday Season

Air duct cleaning service

Do you feel the change in the air? The autumn season is well on its way and with that comes an HVAC home analysis service. Your air conditioning unit should be doing everything in its power to provide you a comfortable temperature on top of filtering out contaminants in your air. Anything less and you could be losing more money than you thought possible month after month. If you’re not sure whether you should seek out ductless cooling or if a general AC service is more your style, keep on reading and learn how you can make sure you’re all ready to go when the holidays finally arrive.

An air conditioning unit is a standby in most American homes. In fact, your day-to-day living would likely be much more uncomfortable if you didn’t have one installed. It’s estimated two-thirds of all homes across the country have an air conditioning unit in place, making it a major commonality we can all appreciate day after day. They also use about 5% of all electricity produced in the United States, which also cements it as a source of major contention for homeowners who just want to save some green.

The average lifespan of your central air conditioner is around 20 years. When it starts to exceed a decade, however, it could already be showing signs of age. This can include strange chugging noises, difficulty changing a room’s temperature in a short amount of time or soaking up more energy than necessary. Heating and air conditioning both take a 40% bite or more from your monthly utility bill, according to the U.S. Department Of Energy, and daily habits can go a long way in shaving off those painful dollars.

Did you know installing a programmable thermostat can save money on your energy bill? Turning your thermostat back can save you around 1% for every degree you tick off the list for eight hours or more. To put it another way? If you set it back a mere 10 degrees when you go to work, you can save an impressive 10% on your heating and cooling bill when the month ends. This is a great way to make sure you’re not adjusting the dial unnecessarily, particularly for families with kids who just can’t help reaching for the knob every time it gets chilly.

What about cleaning up your air? The last thing your air conditioning unit should be doing is contributing to indoor air pollution levels, that of which are notoriously higher than even outdoor environments. Mold, dust, pollen, dander and airborne chemicals are but a few of the risks that are posed to your health every time you go inside. Your filters should be changed on a regular basis to make sure they’re trapping every last bit and keeping your air clean. Most professionals recommend switching out the filter every one to three months, though it never hurts to get a check-up sooner if you feel it necessary.

Rather than struggle through month after month of astronomically high energy bills, save yourself some money by having an HVAC home analysis professional drop by. They can assess your unit from top to bottom and determine what, exactly, is keeping you from getting the best of all worlds. A heating system over 12 years old may need to be replaced outright, which is much cheaper in the long-run when you think about all the money you’ll save on your monthly energy bill. Of course, you may just need to look into duct sealing or a replaced filter.

Let an HVAC home analysis service help prepare you for the holiday season.

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