Important Tips to Consider for Remodeling Your Condo

According to recent research findings, insurance companies are said to incur up to $2.5 billion dollars every year due to water and mold damages on condos. With harsh economic times and high standards of living, insurance firms do recommend homeowners to use modern and profitable means when remodeling their condos. However, before you jump into the process of flooding repair your condo, it is advisable that you first ensure you adhere to set guidelines that will get you the best out of the renovation. Here are some of the important considerations you have to keep in mind before you embark on the process of condo remodeling.


Know the Rules

One of the first things any homeowner needs to understand before they even start flooding repair are the policies of the condo association. However, in certain situations, the board may or may not have policies in place that affect the selection of materials or cosmetic decisions but in most cases, the association will always have policies concerning the times and day’s renovations can be conducted. Failing to check the rules can easily cause you lots of trouble later on since your association might need approval or permit before you embark on any form of home remodeling.


Know the Person You Are Renovating For

You are in a position to tell what your association will allow and what they will not allow. It is important that you first figure out who you are remodeling the condo for. Are you remodeling the condo to add rental or resale value or just doing that to add onto your enjoyment?


In most cases, home remodeling will always lean more towards one or another with completely different approaches. It is therefore important for one to decide what will be a greater priority and ensure you are honest when making a choice.


Know the Limits

It is always important for one to know what the project limitations are before you start implementing an idea which you will not be in a position to turn to reality. For example, the tight condo spaces are at times known to include the intrusive columns or odd angled walls, but that is because moving them structurally is impossible. It is advisable that you know the elements which can be opened or removed and which ones cannot. Hence, it will be more appropriate if you consider hiring flooding repair expert for consultation services.


Always Move Your Eyes Not the Fixtures

In most cases, the bathroom fixtures cannot be moved at any significant distance without massive expense and constructions. It means you will be forced to leave the toilet to its initial location and you might not be in a position to add that second sink.

However, you can only restructure how your eyes see the space by settling on some of the finishes to blend away and others to stand out. It is always possible to make your eyes focus on the most beautiful elements.


Lower the Lighting

When you speak about moving the walls and fixtures, it is important that you keep in mind several condos do have cement ceilings. It means you will not be in a position to drill into them.


However, depending on the type of fixtures you need to add, you will need a 6-12 inch drop. This will be a noticeable change in your condo ceiling although in a smaller area and it will never be that much that you hit your head.


Ensure You Stay Flexible

Most clients do come into home remodeling Santa Rosa projects with lots of decisions made concerning what they do and what they are not interested in doing. For instance, clients will be interested in things like a large fridge, double sink or a king-sized bed. However, it would be appropriate if you can be flexible in some of these things.


The points listed above will be of great help when you need to perform flooding repair in your condo. It is recommended that you seek clarification from home builder experts in case you are not sure of what you will be doing.


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