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On April 2, 2010, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints posted a YouTube video from one of its church groups recounting the repair of the roof of a man named Peter by a team of 11 of its members. The donated roof repairs represent one of the many activities of the Latter-Day Saints Charities (LDS Charities).

The homeowner, Peter, had a leaky roof for years, which he could not afford to repair. He had searched for a repair service that would provide a discount or let him pay over time to no avail. LDS Charities stepped in when it learned of the problem.

Throughout the US, many people share the problem that Peter had of needing home repairs but having either too little money to pay for the repairs all at once or having no money to pay for them. Numerous organizations exist to help with these repairs. These non-profits donate the materials, tools, and labor to accomplish the repairs.

Both Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding America, formerly known as Christmas in April, conduct this type of work. Each has a network of local offices that address needs in specific zip codes or cities. While many associate Habitat for Humanity with new buildings, the organization also provides home repairs.

In Florida, commercial roofing contractors saw a need when COVID-19 put many people out of work. Marty Sheegog of Sheegog Contracting received a Paycheck Protection Program loan from the US Small Business Administration to keep all of his employees working during the crisis. The loan allowed Sheegog some latitude, so he dedicated $25,000 of his earnings to donations. He will fund free repairs for 25 applicants. Florida residents wanting to receive services must apply on the Sheegog Contracting website.

The US government provides grants for home repairs. The Weatherization Assistance Program of the Department of Energy helps low-income households reduce their utility costs and improve home safety. Priority goes to families with children, senior citizens, or a disabled family member. Those receiving Supplemental Insurance Income or Aid to Families with Dependent Children automatically qualify for the program. It funds more than roof replacements, also providing funds for upgrading doors and windows and other weather protection.

The Single-Family Housing Repair Loans and Grants program of the Department of Agriculture provides grants and loans to repair home issues that create safety hazards. The grants program serves Low-income homeowners aged 62 or older, while the loan program provides funding to homeowners earning less than 50 percent of the median income.

Many non-profits and organizations help those in need of home repairs. You can find assistance just as Peter did from LDS Charities.

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