HomeAid San Diego Strives to Make Positive Changes for the Plight of the Homeless

One of the cruelest manifestations of inequality, poverty, and discrimination is homelessness. It affects people of any gender, background, and age. Over 1.6 billion people across the globe are forced to live in housing conditions that are inadequate. Of that 1.6 billion, nearly 15 million people were evicted forcefully. Just within the past 10 years, homelessness has been alarmingly on the rise.

Good Things Happen When National and Local Builders Come Together

The good news is that there are organizations such as HomeAid San Diego that are doing their part to create a seamless approach to building housing projects specifically for the homeless. The process starts by identifying local homeless social service agencies or service providers serving veterans, abused children, emancipated foster youth, women suffering due to domestic violence, foster youth, seniors, and more. Basically, people who need housing assistance.

The First Step: Appoint a Builder Captain

Once a need has been identified, then HomeAid San Diego appoints a Builder Captain from building-related companies so they can manage the home remodeling and renovation of a housing project. Think of a Builder Captain as a general contractor. Their job is to secure trade donors including plumbers who can offer services such as gutter repair, carpenters, electricians who provide necessary electrical repair, and more.

Trade donors are extremely helpful when it comes to home remodeling and renovation. Not only do they offer their own extensive services, but they can also offer materials and much-needed labor. Consider them to be an integral part of the process that ensures projects are completely renovated and built.

Builder Captains Are at the Core of the HomeAid Program

Without a Builder Captain, home remodeling and renovation projects wouldn’t get very far. That’s mainly because the Builder Captain coordinates every part of the construction. They also give business partners the chance to work right beside them showing their community a very tangible and visible benefit that’s part of building a future legacy intent on providing homes for the homeless.

The non-profit world is actually brought to the forefront by Builder Captains. Every HomeAid project, whether window installation is needed or even garage door repairs, benefits from their experience and knowledge. Builder Captains have a sincere amount of genuine concern for giving the homeless an opportunity. The ultimate goal is to help the most vulnerable part of society with results that exceed expectations.

Coordinating Construction Is Paramount for Every Project

When you consider what it takes to tackle home remodeling and renovation, it’s easy to understand that the role of a Builder Captain for HomeAid is a pretty important task. They work very hard to encourage the donation of materials, labor, as well as consulting services from industry subcontractors, trade partners, and suppliers. It takes help from all entities in order to complete home remodeling and renovation projects.

Builder Captains may reach out to several business partners for residential roof restoration services, flooring services for tile flooring, air conditioning repair, and even mold remediation service. They are responsible for securing as much of the construction costs as possible through in-kind donations of materials and labor. A Builder Captain is in no way responsible for the costs of a project. The non-profit service provider takes the responsibility for costs that are not already covered by in-kind donations. Knowing how expensive flooring services can be, homeowners really appreciate the help.

Are you interested in becoming a Builder Captain or know a business that would be interested? Participants are always appreciated. To be clear, every home remodeling and renovation participant is expected to sign a pledge of agreement so the whole Project Development Team is given a clear understanding concerning expectations for all. Doing your part to help the homeless is part of changing the world for the better, one home at a time.

HomeAid Is Fully Committed to Home Remodeling and Renovation

HomeAid is fully committed to working with Builder Captains so projects are completed 100% successfully. If assistance is needed with accounting, project management, administrative services, or any other type of help, HomeAid is there to assist in managing projects as well as augmenting resources. The entire effort for home remodeling and renovation to provide homes for the homeless receives the dedication and attention it deserves from a caring non-profit organization that truly appreciates how everyone involved comes together to create a stronger, brighter future for the homeless.

HomeAid as well as the service agencies involved also take the time to publicly acknowledge Builder Captains and participating contractors for their vital role in the entire home remodeling and renovation process. Website recognition, releases through the media, and newsletter articles are all shared to magnify the outreach and hard work that has been accomplished. Efforts are also celebrated and highlighted with ribbon-cutting and groundbreaking ceremonies.

Being a Builder Captain Is a Great Way to Give Back to the Community

Participating in home remodeling and renovation projects with HomeAid can be very rewarding. Projects for the homeless build employee morale, create team-building opportunities, and gives co-workers a sense of pride in their company’s commitment to give to the community. Builder Captains associated with HomeAid San Diego have created wonderful homes that help to restore pride as well as a sense of value within residents.

What Happens After Project Completions?

Once a housing project has been completed with HomeAid, the social service agency involved will own and operate it. They also provide a plethora of services meant to assist individuals and families so they can become self-sufficient. The overall goal is to help the homeless get the shelter they need along with the ability to live a better life.

Success Is in Leveraging In-Kind Donations

One of the most important components that fuels HomeAid is the ability to leverage in-kind donations for labor from expert builders and acquiring building materials, and cash donations. The use of industry contacts as well as contributions of in-kind donations has multiplied the effect of each dollar HomeAid has received by two-to-three-fold. The non-profit program’s model has the title of ‘unparalleled’ when it comes to the return on investment as well as increasing retail values of finished projects in the non-profit arena.

However, the true fruit of their labor is in providing housing to the homeless population. Housing puts homeless individuals and families a step closer to becoming self-sufficient. It comes at a time when there are more people in need of a dignified space to call home. It’s the cornerstone of being able to rebuild lives.

The Following Constituencies Can Get the Help They Need:

  • Abused Women
  • Abused Children
  • Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Women in Crisis Pregnancies and Newborns
  • At-Risk Teens
  • Mentally Disabled Persons
  • Young Adults Aged-Out of Foster Care
  • People Coping with Costs of Treatment or Debilitating Medical Conditions
  • Victims of Job Loss, Desertion, Divorce, or Foreclosure
  • Pregnant Teens and Teen Mothers with Their Babies
  • Veterans
  • People Affected by Natural Disasters and Catastrophes
  • At-Risk Seniors
  • Foster Youth
  • Neglected and Abused Children

Today, the homeless tend to be families, women, and children. The idea of who the majority of the homeless actually are is not accurately depicted by just people living on the street. No, the homeless population today is invisible. There are a great many people without a place to call home because of unforeseen circumstances.

Those people are parents who had to make a choice between paying for a child’s medicine or pay rent. They’re mothers who have escaped with their children from abusive situations. They’re parents who unexpectedly lost their jobs because a local manufacturer shut down. They include pregnant teens that were thrown out of their homes by angry parents.

The list continues to grow with emancipated teens that were foster youth, senior citizens as well as veterans who don’t have any family offering care, abused children who had to be removed from their homes, and victims of catastrophes and natural disasters. They all need just one thing, a place to call home and regroup. HomeAid San Diego is there to help them rebuild their lives with home remodeling and renovation projects that give them that opportunity.

San Diego Is Experiencing a Homelessness Epidemic

It’s safe to say that HomeAid is closing the gap when it comes to the homelessness epidemic in San Diego. Up to 10,000 to 15,000 people are without homes in the county. Those numbers are staggering with the faces of homeless people being much like anyone. They just need the chance at a new beginning.

HomeAid San Diego is there to help with one goal, to fight homelessness. They bring communities together by rallying builders, trade partners, community leaders, non-profit professional care providers, volunteers, and donors. Building transitional housing through home remodeling and renovation projects gives the homeless the ability to restore their lives in a safe environment where they can regain purpose and strength.

To date, HomeAid San Diego is responsible for building 15 projects thanks to outstanding builders stepping in as Builder Captains, along with hundreds of local organizations and companies donating critical services and materials. That averages out to over 1,000 beds nightly per year in San Diego County. A total retail value for the construction of those projects is over $18.6 million with 77% being donated by trade partners and Builder Captains.

The Capacity to Care Truly Shines in the Community

Donating services, money, and time truly defines the greatest parts of a community. HomeAid San Diego has done a spectacular job bringing their community together and forging partnerships with care providers, builders, donors, and community leaders. The mission to build shelters for the homeless so they can begin a new life is at the heart of it all.

Would You Like to Get Involved?

There is no better way to show your support for HomeAid San Diego than to get involved. Providing homeless housing facilities for those in need just means you are helping to build a stronger, more vibrant community. Read further to find out how you can give to a non-profit organization that is truly set on providing more opportunities for a growing homeless population.

Become an event sponsor. Do you have a fundraising event idea that interests you? You can become an event sponsor for HomeAid. Your organization benefits from special recognition for your donation or sponsorship dollars.

Does your corporation want to help fight homelessness in your community? Become a corporate sponsor for HomeAid by giving a cash donation during their annual Corporate Giving Campaign. If you would like a personal visit to discuss corporate giving, contact HomeAid directly, or visit the Corporate Giving Campaign section of the website.

Are you interested in actually help maintain HomeAid completed projects? Their HomeAid Care program outlines maintenance projects such as gardening, painting, and cleaning. You can easily schedule and donate time and labor for maintenance projects through a nonprofit service provider and HomeAid San Diego.

HomeAid events could also use your support. Would you like to donate resources or time to their fundraising events? Click events on their website to learn more about future activities.

Feel welcome to volunteer at any of their non-profit partner service provider facilities, as well. HomeAid San Diego stays in touch with every service provider in which they have completed projects. Those providers could always use more help too. No matter what you choose to do, you will be effectively fighting to end homelessness within San Diego county.

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