3 Decades of Helping Families Through Charity Garage Sales


A garage sale, started by three women three decades ago and now with more than one hundred donors, raised nearly $100,000 towards a worthwhile cause- option ultrasound machines. The successful event was organized by Focus on the Family, a charity organization helping moms and babies.

What an inspirational story! It shows that with more creativity, a little bit of sacrifice, and kindness, people can do awesome things to bring some joy into other people’s lives.

Ever considered that a garage can be converted into a place that can impact other people’s lives? Or, if you don’t have one, you can participate in good causes, such as the one spearheaded by Rita Thacker, one of the three women who began the garage sale.

In case you own a garage, here are few tips you may consider to keep it working smoothly.

1.Check the pulleys and cables

Always check the cables because they can become frayed. Pulleys also get damaged over time, and so when you constantly check them, you’ll have an idea of whether they need to be replaced or not.

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Call a professional garage firm if you notice any extensive damage.

2.Examine the door balance

Over time, the garage door may lose balance, leading to sagging on the side. As a result, when you open it, it may feel heavy.

When this happens, it shows that the door torsion springs are loose and probably need a professional to look into them.

3. Keep the tracks and rollers clean

Garage tracks and rollers collect dust and debris easily. Thus, once in a while, they need a brush up to remove the dirt that the rollers stick.

You may also consider lubricating them to make them run smoothly and minimize the wear and tear. If they’re not working properly, you may also replace them.

4. Make sure the hardware is tight

Garage door rollers run on tracks containing brackets. With wear and time, they become loose.

Normally, the bolts inside the brackets must hold each section track in place.

Moms and babies who need ultrasound scans need generous and people-centered organizations like the Focus on the Family. The money that is raised will a long way in training people to use ultrasound scans. If they could get more support, they would raise more money in the future and help many people.


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