Plumbing Day Helps Others

In the video Charity Event World Plumbing Day, March 11th is celebrated in Jakarta, Indonesia as world plumbing day. It’s a way to bring awareness to how plumbing isn’t available to everyone everywhere, but it should. Plumbing should be a base human right. The opening of the charity event is filled with music and performances by kids and adults.

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After this, talks were held about how plumbing works and what sort of changes we should be striving for in the future. Being a plumber isn’t a bad job. It’s not something to be looked down upon.

A plumber and the plumbing industry is incredibly important for the community and the hygiene of each citizen. Being a good student can mean going into a trade like plumbing to make a real difference in the world. Current employees of Wakil company were brought to recognize them for their hard work. They met prominent members of the community. Everybody was given a t-shirt to keep a memory of the day they could save.

Awards were given to those who made a difference in the community through plumbing. These people helped transform how plumbing worked in Indonesia and gave access to plumbing to thousands of people. After this, more performances were held in traditional Indonesian music and dresses. Kids were allowed to perform as well and some sang traditional songs and others had more modernized performances.

The Wakil CEO attended World Plumbing Day as well. The entire event was a way to bring awareness to plumbing and possibly raise money for clean water and clean sanitation systems throughout Indonesia.

Money flowing back into the community can help bring these basic services to those in less fortunate areas of the country. The kids were allowed a chance to ask questions about what the companies did and how they were improving the country’s sanitation and water system.

Finally, a photo session was held to take pictures of all of those who took part in the charity event. These people were recognized for their hard work and willingness to help the community. Everybody had a fantastic time as the event was filled with entertainment, knowledge, and food. Kids and adults learned more about what was going on in their country and the goal is to hold this every year so that more can be aware. The 2014 event set a tone for future events on March 11th.


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