Scratching Noises in Your Walls Might Just Be an Infestation of Mice

Pest control solutions

The purchase of a new home is a significant milestone for many adults, but pest problems can undermine homeowners’ satisfaction with their home purchases. There are a variety of pests whose presence may not be apparent upon preliminary home inspection: their appearance may be seasonal, or may be triggered by the homeowners’ presence.

Whether the problem is mice in the walls, fire ants, roaches, or even termites, many homeowners are turning to professional help for eco-friendly pest removal that does not impact pets or children.

According to experts, the majority of American homes contain some indicators of the presence of mice. One female mouse can produce over 60 young every year, and cozy places like attics and walls can harbor hundreds of mice.

Unusual scratching noises and problems with a home’s electrical system can be immediate warnings of a mouse infestation: rodent control equipment may include no-kill traps or high-pitched sonic deterrents that would be part of an overall rodent control plan.

Termites reproduce much more rapidly than mice, and any effective termite control process must allow for the fact that a single female termite can lay over 35,000 eggs each day. The termite control process must be performed urgently, due to the potential for severe damage to the wooden parts of most homes.

About one in every 7 homes does have some form of structural damage — sometimes due to termites — and termite control for homeowners costs upwards of $2 billion every year. Non-toxic chemicals can be sprayed into affected areas, working to minimize wood damage in vulnerable homes.

Roaches are also a common household pest, capable of spreading an alarming amount of bacteria, parasites, and other viruses that can affect human beings. They are more active in the summer months, when temperatures are higher, but they can go into hibernation in the winter and return in stronger numbers the next year.

Aggressive but ecologically appropriate measures must be taken to combat the presence of these and other household insects and pests. Professional exterminators who are knowledgeable about non-toxic chemical treatments for pest control seem to be homeowners’ best option when they sense an urgent need to eradicate threatening insects or animals from their homes.

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