Travertine Provides a Durable Hard Flooring Option

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Are you in the process of making some major improvements to the flooring in your home as well as the hard surface areas on your backyard patio? Isn’t it interesting that travertine is a surface that can be used both indoors and outdoors? Left in its natural unpolished state, this natural stone can be used for paving patios and garden paths. Its natural pitted surface provides a textured look that many people desire. Polished to varying degrees, travertine is also a great hard flooring surface for inside your home. Travertine cleaning and sealing are important processes that you need to complete and consider if you want use this limestone-like surface inside your home.
During the year 2011, two-thirds of homeowners selected hard surface materials, like wood or a natural stone like travertine, for their floor covering replacement jobs. Many homeowners seem to be moving toward a hard surface that is easier to clean and maintain for the main area in their home. If you are careful about the travertine cleaning and sealing process you can create a surface that will hold up well to the everyday activities in your home.
After installation of a hard stone surface, maintenance includes tile and grout cleaning. Much of this process can be completed by the homeowners themselves, but some chose to hire professionals to ensure the integrity of the surface. Using travertine as an example, U.S. demand for this hard stone is close to one million tons a year. A 12″ x 12″ tile, or sheet of a travertine mosaic, can weigh as much as five pounds. Partly because it is so heavy, this surface is also extremely durable.
Often the finish of the stone will determine the tile cleaning process needed to maintain it. Travertine cleaning and sealing is less time consuming if you opt for a high gloss finish. Top layer sealants are fairly easy to apply and remain on the surface of the grout to protect it. This sealant process, however, needs to be repeated every one to two years. Because of its pitted surface, travertine can be more difficult to clean and maintain if it is left in its natural state. This unpolished state is better for an outdoor patio environment where you can use a high pressure washer to remove stains and dirt.
The ease of cleaning tile and grout is only one part of a decision in selecting a floor covering. While the cleaning and maintenance are important, most homeowners and interior designers make their selections based on the look and color they want to match the rest of the home.

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