Starting from the Bottom How to Upgrade Your Room with New Flooring

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Every now and then, your home needs a design refresh. The realization that it is time for some upgrades or improvements often leads to a crucial next question: where do you start? While your answer may vary on the current state of your home and furnishings, one great idea of how to begin is by thinking about your flooring options. Replacing your carpet or refinishing hardwood floors can majorly improve the look and feel of a room. For five great ideas of how to give your floors an face lift, keep reading.
1) Get Comfortable with Carpet A quick search for new carpet prices will reveal that carpet is a great option. Because new carpet prices can be so affordable, this is a great options if you are on a budget. Plus, there is nothing quite like the comfort of stepping onto a brand new and super plush carpet.
2) Keep It Classic with Hardwood Hardwood provides a style that is timeless and elegant. Plus, the Environmental Protection Agency states that hardwood floors are the best option to promote good indoor air quality. If you or a family member is an allergy sufferer, look into the best hardwood floors for your budget and style.
3) Be Green with Bamboo Protecting the environment and our resources is important. If you want to be conscious of the planet when choosing your floor upgrade, consider bamboo. Because bamboo grows far more rapidly than wood (up to 47 inches in 24 hours!), it places less strain on our environment. In addition to bamboo, wool or reclaimed wood flooring are considered green choices.
4) Stay Sleek with Tile Tile floor can be a great option, even in unconventional places like living and bedrooms. Whether you go stone, ceramic, or vinyl, tile can be a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice.
5) Set a Trend with Paint A growing trend in flooring is the use of painted floors. Have a room that you would love to be brighter? Consider a sleek, solid white floor. Not only are painted floors easy to keep looking great (tip: just repaint!), they will be a conversation piece in your home and set your style apart.
Whether you are most concerned with design, new carpet prices, or the options that are best for our environment, you really do have lots of choice when it comes to the floors in your home. By working with professionals who know how to install a carpet or the ins and outs of repurposed hardwood flooring, you can be sure you will have an outcome you will love. With a little planning, your floors can go from simply being the ground beneath your feet to a design centerpiece in your home that elevates your style while fulfilling the practical needs of every day life.

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