The Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Lawn

How to maintain a healthy lawn

We may think of our lawns as being environmentally friendly as long as they are green and beautiful. However, often times lawns are tainted with pesticides and other harmful chemicals that get in the way of their environmental merits. With lawn care expenses making up a significant portion of our home care, it is important that we think about the effects that our lawns and the way we maintain them have on our surrounding environment, and keeping natural lawn care products in mind in these cases.

The industry of lawn care and maintenance is worth billions of dollars in the Unites States alone, showing that homeowners are willing to pay large sums of money towards attractive lawns bordering their homes. However, often times the work done to keep lawns beautiful puts environmental safety in the back seat, ignoring many detriments a number of lawn materials have on the ozone.

Fertilizers and pesticides often have some of the worst effects on the surrounding environment. Homeowners have been known to collectively spend millions of dollars on materials such as fertilizers and pesticides, both of which tend to be harmful to the environment during production and post-production. Many fertilizers, for example, are made using fossil fuels which often pollute the atmosphere. Once in the ground, these fertilizers contain nitrogen that is often washed away and ends up causing more pollution.

With these statistics, it is important that homeowners and landscapers consider the benefits of organic lawncare. Organic lawns, while being helpful to the environment, can also result in saving more money for those that employ more natural lawn care products and methods. While the industry providing a variety of pesticides is worth so much, you can cut down on these products by switching to organic lawn care products. For example, those using natural lawn care products will end up saving money that is typically used on materials such as fungicides that commercial lawn care practices often need.

Maintaining a healthy lawn is not directly related to the use of harmful chemicals, as can be seen in many successful organic practices in landscaping and farming. Your home as well as the ecosystem as a whole can benefit from natural lawn care products and giving them a place in your home. Organic lawn care services can be put into use at any home, and will be appreciated by the plants, animals and people around you.

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