Three Tips on Finding the Best Equipment to Rent for a Construction Job

Best equipment

Contractors are under a lot of pressure considering the deadlines they face when they do their jobs. As a result, they need to find the best construction equipment possible to allow them to complete these tasks on time, ranging from large power equipment like Bobcats to smaller power or hand tools.

But the best equipment isn’t always what’s on the sales floor. In fact, around 51% of all newly manufactured construction equipment today goes to rental businesses rather than retail establishments, as more and more contractors see the benefits in owning equipment. This can be unfamiliar territory, though, for contractors who are used to buying only. Do you need heavy machinery to complete your work? To find the best equipment rentals available, try these three tips:

    1. Compare what’s out there. Before visiting local commercial equipment rental companies, make sure you know what’s out there first. Don’t just look at prices for equipment, however, but everything you’re getting. Does a rental company have top of the line equipment? How long can you take advantage of their power equipment rental services? Will the rental company deliver equipment to a job site and pick it up when you’re done with it? Make sure to ask these questions before signing anything.

    2. Look at inventory. The best equipment rental company should offer your business plenty of choices for what you can rent. For example, they should not only have typical digging equipment or aluminum scaffolding, but more rare offerings, like floor removal machines or other equipment that serves a single purpose. The more they offer, the better chance you’ll have at getting your job done early.

    3. Find out about financial incentives. One of the biggest advantages that contractors enjoy with equipment rental is the ability to receive a tax write off after renting equipment. This helps lower a business’s costs each quarter or each year. Find out from your rental provider whether you would be eligible for these write offs.

Have more questions about finding the right construction equipment rentals in your area? If so, leave a comment below for more suggestions.

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