Three Types of Problems Your Air Conditioner Can Have

One of the most expensive investments you’ll ever make is the climate control systems of your home. Air conditioning and heating are essential to a comfortable functional life, particularly in extremely cold or extremely hot climates, yet they are also devices that can cause some serious headaches when they break down. To avoid having to call for air conditioning repair too often, learn about the most common AC repair services and how to minimize your need for residential air conditioning repair.

Operating Your Air Conditioner Improperly

This may be the most common reason why people have to seek out air conditioning companies to do a repair on their HVAC systems. All windows and outside doors should be closed anytime the air conditioner is on. When an air conditioner is only designed to cool one room, it should never be used to attempt to cool an entire house or apartment. Failing to close the windows or trying to use the unit to cool more than it was designed to cool can cause it to run too hard for too long, burning up refrigerant, damaging the compressor, and simply shortening the lif of the unit.

Not Taking Good Care of The Unit

Another common cause of problems with air conditioning units comes from faulty installation, failure to get the unit maintained regularly, or hiring service and maintenance that is incompetent or unreliable. When air conditioners are not installed properly, ducts can leak, which results in an enormous loss of power and cooling potential. If the refrigerant is not charged up to the manufacturer’s specifications, the air conditioner will never work properly until this is fixed. It is also essential that you maintain your air conditioner properly. This means regularly cleaning filters and coils so that the compressor and fan are not taxed beyond their capability and end up failing prematurely. It’s also a good idea to have the unit checked by a competent professional at the beginning and end of each season. Be sure to hire only proven professionals to maintain the unit, as incompetent technicians can cause more harm than good.

Less Common Problems

There are some other reasons that your HVAC system may experience issues. Sometimes fan controls or compressor electronics wear out, and this happens especially whenever the air conditioner goes on and off frequently. You can avoid this by being sure not to oversized the air conditioner unit relative to the space it’s cooling. Sensor problems with the thermostat can also occur if the sensor is knocked out of position or if the thermostat is put in the wrong position in the house. Finally, there can be drainage problems, especially when the outside air is extremely humid. It’s important to check the drain to make sure it is not clogged and make sure that all room air conditioners are mounted on a level window so that they drain as designed.

By having your air conditioner installed correctly, maintained regularly, and worked on by reliable AC repair companies, you can extend its working life for years to come.

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