Trim Your Trees, Or Else

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You probably never think that your favorite tree in the yard is going to cause you problems. The shade it offers, the luscious greenery, and cool breeze are all part of the perks of having any tree planted right near your house.

Unfortunately, trees that hang too close to your home can cause you more difficulties than you realize, making it imperative to invest in tree trimming equipment, or outsource this job to tree trimming companies.

Here are some of the issues you may face if you don’t deal with your overgrown branches.

  • Gutter Backflow. If you let the branches extend down toward the gutters of your house, as the seasons pass, the leaves, twigs, and branches could become lodged in your gutter. Subsequently, this could cause a blockage and you could wind up with a backflow of water that is not draining properly. This could lead to water seeping into your home.
  • Roof Damage. There are many perks of planting trees next to your house, but the same tree branches could prove fatal to your roof during a rain or winter storm. If the branches are whipped around in the wind and fall on your roof, you could lose several shingles, and even have part of your roof cave in, if the branches are heavy enough.
  • Infestation. As long as your tree is healthy, you probably won’t have to deal with pesky insects nesting in the bark and branches of your favorite tree. But most tree cutting companies will tell you that you have to watch out for dead branches, which can become something of an epidemic. Once a branch dies, it often attracts different types of bugs that perpetuate the problem, and you may ultimately have to call a tree removal company to cut down the tree altogether.

One of your first questions may be, “How much does tree trimming cost?” That often depends on the type of tree you have, the number of branches it has, and how tall it is. One report shows that you may pay anywhere from $75 to $450 for a tree that is 30 feet tall or less.

But you don’t want lose that tree you grew up with your entire life. So, instead of asking “How much does tree trimming cost?”, figure out how you can save your tree, and bite the bullet. It will be worth it.
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