Undertaking a DITY Military Move

Us army flat rate dity move

If you find yourself with either temporary or permanent military assignments to a new base, you have two options for a military move. The first option is the classic military moving experience, wherein packing, loading, unloading, and transportation are all handled at the expense of the military, and you need not lift a finger. The second option is a military dity move, or Do It Yourself affair. The military DITY move option leaves you responsible for all aspects of your move, and solely responsible for any damage that occurs to your possessions. However, the military family center near you can provide moving information to all military families, and many a military DITY move calculator are available online to help you decide which option is right for you, as well.

Besides being allowed a bit more time for a DITY military move than with the traditional full service option, the DITY move option allows the possibility for profits on your end. You see, the DITY option comes with a reimbursement check that is determined by a specific military issued formula. If the amount of your moving expenses is less than the amount of your reimbursement check, the difference is yours to keep to do with as you like. Run the numbers and decide for yourself which military move is best for you! More like this blog: militaryditymove.com

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