VanLiving Veteran Converts Ram ProMaster

This YouTube video shows how a 23-year-old veteran converted a 2015 Dodge Ram Promaster with only $6,000 in the budget. It went from a bare cargo van to an entirely self-contained livable mobile space.

Video Source

The van comes complete with a full bed in the back lying side to side over the rear wheel wells, which is about 6’2” wide. The bed is about 1/3rd up from the floor of the van.

The front of the van contains electronics and other needed materials above the driver’s seat. Directly behind this, a mountain bike is stored. There is a 3×7′ open space leading into a combination toilet shower area when opening the side door. The shower has a custom shower pan sitting directly on the van’s floor, leaving extra headspace above leading into a fan. The van boasts a cassette toilet for easier management than having to deal with a full black tank.

The kitchen area contains a two-burner propane stove, a custom sink, and extra storage near a tall hanging closet. Six 100 watt solar panels are attached to the roof, supplying all the van’s electrical needs. All propane and solar batteries are located under the bed and vented to the outside where necessary.

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