Whats the Best Waterline Tile For My Pool?

What is waterline tile? This is the tile that is found just below the pool’s water edge or coping. This tile protects the pool from chemical and sun damage. It is also used as a decoration for a pool and permits easier cleaning.

When shopping for a waterline tile for pool, tile distributors do not recommend using Travertine, clay, or stone-based tile. The waterline tile you buy should add color or blend into the color of your pool’s environment.

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The best waterline pool tiles are made from glass or porcelain.

People often chose blue or teal-colored tiles; this adds augmentation to the water color in your pool. Ensure the waterline tile you decide on has an outdoor rating for submersibility, as well as a protection against frost. If it doesn’t have this outdoor submersible rating for pool usage the possibility of losing adhesion or degrading exists. In addition, if it is not protected against frost, it may crack.

Although this may seem a little overwhelming, your tile distributors will walk you through it. Choosing the right waterline tile is just one small detail in comparison to all the other elements of your pool.

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