Water can Cause More Damage to Your House than A Fire

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There are several ways in which your home’s structure can be damaged. The most obvious is damage from fire. But there are other less obvious dangers. Unlike fire, which can not be ignored, damage from water can be far more insidious and just as costly as any fire. If you are living in a older home or even if you live in a newer home with underlying structural or drainage issues, your basement could be at risk for flooding or water damage. Water damage can bring with it health issues associated with mold.

Preventing Flood Water Damage

    Ensure That Your Yard Has Adequate Drainage
    To prevent water from accumulating at the base of your foundation, ensure that all your downspouts are facing away from the building. Ensure that your gutters are cleaned regularly so that they will not overflow.

    Inspect Sewers Regularly
    To avoid sewage from backing up into your basement, make sure to take care of your sewer system. Do not pour oils or other viscous liquids down the toilet or the sinks, they can congeal and clog pipes.

    Check Your Basement for Cracks
    Small cracks in your foundation can lead to large problems in a relatively short period of time. Regularly inspect your outdoor and indoor foundation for cracks or places where moisture may be seeping into your home. You can cover small cracks with masonry sealants and epoxy.

    Old Appliances can Cause Flooding
    If your water heater is more than five years old, there is a higher likelihood of it leaking or bursting. Your washing machine can also lead to problems. Burst washing machine water supplies are responsible for 50% of water damage in homes. Flood water damage doesn’t only come from the basement. In houses 20 years or older, the shower has a higher likelihood of causing water damage.

How to Clean Flood Water Damage

If you have had water damage in your home it is important to take the proper steps. Throw out any boxes, drywall, carpet or anything that can sop up water. Make sure to ventilate the area as much as possibly to facilitate drying. Even if the water is gone there can still be lingering problems from mold. Although some mold can be treated by using bleach and fans, for more serious mold it may be necessary to hire a mold cleaning service. For severe water damages a contractor may need to be called to repair any major foundation or structural problems.

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