3 Shocking Facts that Will Make You Rethink What You Look for in Plumbing Services

Plumbing contractors

Seeking the right plumbing services can be a huge part of keeping your family safe and your budget on track. Whether you need a complete overhaul of your sewage system or just a simple drain repair, making sure you get the best service possible can save you thousands of dollars down the road.

Unfortunately, many people neglect their pipes, drains, and appliances, dismissing them as minor expenses. Here are three quick facts that may change how you look at your plumbing:

    The average family of four uses 400 gallons of water per day. If you can visualize exactly how much 400 gallons of water actually is, this may strike you as an impossible statistic. However, it is the sad truth for families who don’t have the most efficient appliances available. Toilets account for nearly 30% of your water usage, so that is a great place to start with your efforts to get efficient. Also, an ultra-low-flow showerhead can cut your shower water use by up to 70%.

    You can save 10% on your water bill just by fixing small leaks in your pipes. Think about what you can do with 10% of your total annual water bill refunded right back into your bank account. Such is the gift of professional plumbing services. If you think your monthly water bill is higher than it should be, there is a good chance you have a leak somewhere in your piping system. Experienced plumbing contractors can identify the problem quickly and save you tons of money in the future.

    You can achieve the best plumbing possible without the hassle of digging. Many people are hesitant to seek plumbing services because they think workers will be coming in and out of their homes for days on end to fix the problem, leaving behind a mess in the process. With new advancements in trenchless pipe repair, all of your plumbing needs can be met in a non-invasive way, saving you time and stress. Trenchless pipe replacement eliminates the digging and gets your plumber in and out as quickly as possible.

Make sure you don’t flush your money down the toilet with archaic plumbing services. Talk to a professional you trust about how to take your plumbing to the next level with cost-efficient appliances and trenchless repairs.

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