Is The Roof Over Your Head The Best It Can Be? Find Out Here

Chattanooga roofing contractors

Although you may not think it, a roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. Not only can it be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your house, it also keeps you safe and dry from the elements. Choosing the right roof can help reduce your energy costs, in both heating and warming aspects. In order to secure the best roof possible, you’ll probably want to contact roofing contractors who specialize in either roof repair or roof replacement..
How Can Good Roofing Benefit Me?
Good residential roofing can help reduce your energy bill and also protect against temperature fluctuations within your home. You’ll want to invest in quality roofing however, as more general roofing materials reflect only about 5 to 15% of the sun, letting them take in up to 85-95% of the sun’s energy and heat. The coolest roofing materials do way more. They actually reflect over 65% of sunlight and heat from the sun, and only absorb about 35% or less of the sun’s energy.
Although it may seem counterintuitive, getting a cool colored metal roof may be one of many great roofing solutions for you to suggest to roofing contractors. They have pigments that can reflect between 20% to 90% of the sun’s heat and light back. Reflective metal roofing can even save you up to 40% in your cooling costs during the summer, while roofs that are high emitters can lower air temperatures in cities by up to 12 degrees Fahrenheit. If you choose wisely, you could decrease the energy needs of your house by up to 30%.
Why Hire Roofing Contractors?
Although some people are incredibly handy and could probably replace or install a new roof on their own, in many cases, it’s wise to seek professional help. For one thing, they have a whole team and can get the job done much faster and at less risk to you than if you do it yourself. Professional roofers are also very experienced and can gauge the amount of material needed and the right techniques to get your roof done in no time.
Additionally, those who do roofing professionally are well versed in safety routines and know the best practices for staying safe on the job. They also have the right equipment to carry out their job safely.
What To Look For In A Roofing Contractor
It’s always good to do a little comparison shopping. See if you can get references–and figure out how long they’ve been working as a contractor. The longer they’ve been around, the higher chance you have of getting a quality contractor. Make sure they’re licensed as well as insured, should an accident happen; you want to make sure you’re hiring reputable workers. Also be sure to get everything in writing–you want something outlining the finer points before you sign on.
If your roof is outdated or will need repair soon, consider getting in touch with a roofing contractor to see what improvements and upgrades you can make that will benefit you and your home the most.

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