How Can You Get Cool This Summer? Here Are Your Best Options…

Ac maintenance plans

Florida summer can be unbearable. It feels like the heat and humidity are teaming up to take you down! But don’t let that happen…

If you want to stay cool this summer, why not invest in an effective cooling system?

When you’re coming up with AC maintenance plans, the first place to start is evaluating the AC equipment itself. Just because you have an AC, doesn’t mean you have the proper air conditioning services, it just means you have a machine. If you want useful air conditioning services, hire an AC contractor.

An AC contractor is someone who is trained in tending to superior air conditioning services. AC contractors know how you can save energy in your home, which will save you money in the long run. They’re also well versed in how to purify your home’s air quality, which will help reduce allergens, in addition to helping you breathe air that is clean and fresh.

For a full range of air conditioning services, hire an AC contractor and create an AC maintenance mission: detoxify your surroundings, save money, and learn how to keep up with sustaining operative air conditioning services.

Annually, in America, 42% of homes use central air equipment service, so many of these homes would be wise to go with a trusted air conditioning company, and eventually settle in on an AC contractor. Two-thirds of U.S. homes are equipped with an AC unit, which explains why the need for an AC contractor is extremely common.

However, as the facts state, AC is more common in single family homes by up to 89%, compared to apartment buildings, which are about 82% likely to have AC already installed.

Aside from your preferred housing accommodations, with whatever location you select, you’re better off switching to a high efficiency AC unit because it’ll save you costs down the road. You can also do regular AC maintenance and discover ways to keep your home cool, which will cut down your energy use by about 20 to 50%. In fact, something as simple as changing a clogged filter, will clean your air from dirty particles, all the while decreasing your AC’s energy use by 5 to 15%.

During the time between 1993 and 2005, summertime heat sky-rocketed. During that same time, local housing structures were becoming larger. Consequently, more energy use, per dwelling, was required. By 2010, residential areas contributed to an increase in energy consumed by AC units, upping the numbers to about 20%.

So know this: if you’re tired of stuffy, stale air, you can make a change.

Hire an AC contractor!

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