Flooring Replacement, Refurbishing, and More Flooring Companies Get the Job Done

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Maintaining your home is a constant struggle. Some struggles are worse than others, of course, but no matter what there’s always bound to be something in need of cleaning, refurbishing, or even repair. Of all the standard features of your house, the flooring arrangement is the one in need of the most attention. After all, it gets stepped on everyday! Floors can get dirty but they can also become chipped, worn, scarred, and a whole bunch of other kinds of damage. For flooring work that goes beyond a simple sweep or mopping job, flooring companies are your best bet to keep your floors beautiful.

Flooring companies certainly have a lot on their hands — and under their feet! The flooring business is doing quite well for itself. From 2009 to 2014, flooring companies grew at an annual rate of 1.1%, an Continue reading “Flooring Replacement, Refurbishing, and More Flooring Companies Get the Job Done”

What You Don’t Know About Firewood Choices Can Hurt You

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In areas where winters are long and cold, many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their utility bills. Some homeowners insulate their doors and windows, others pile on the blankets and turn down the thermostats. One of the most common solutions is to change the heat source in the home, with the installation of a fireplace or coal burner.

Burning firewood is more environmentally-friendly than burning coal, releasing no more greenhouse gasses than would be emitted if the wood were left to rot. Choosing the right firewood is crucial to heating your house efficiently. Be sure to burn seasoned firewood that has been left out to cure for at least six months. Seasoned firewood burns more efficiently Continue reading “What You Don’t Know About Firewood Choices Can Hurt You”

Three Ways an HVAC Unit Can Freeze Even in Summer

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Chances are if your HVAC unit looks like a robotic iceberg, it’s because of the harsh, winter weather that’s rocking the nation right now. But believe it or not, your HVAC unit can get that way even in the hottest parts of the year, especially if you’re not taking care of it.

Here are just a few of the most common ways air conditioners can freeze up on their owners.

Refrigeration Issues.

If there’s an issue with the unit’s refrigeration, then it’s obviously going to freeze up. Whether it’s because the unit is leaking or because it’s low on refrigerant, the HVAC unit’s evaporator coils will experience a drop in pressure, which will then allow moisture to get in, freeze, and accumulate. If you find that you’re cleaning air conditioning coils of ice in the summer, the refrigerant is p Continue reading “Three Ways an HVAC Unit Can Freeze Even in Summer”

4 Custom Solutions That Can Help Organize Your Home Office

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When you think of custom cabinetry, your first thoughts probably turn to either custom wood kitchen cabinets or custom bathroom vanities. But custom built solutions can actually help you to organize another daunting room — your home office. Here’s how:

  1. Custom Built Bookshelves

    The simple fact is that many business-oriented books or textbooks don’t fit onto the standard-sized shelves that are more suited for paperbacks. Custom built bookshelves can allow you to organize all your books side-by-side, as they should be, instead of creating vertical stacks to accommodate oversized texts — and making it nearly impossible to get one book out without displacing Continue reading “4 Custom Solutions That Can Help Organize Your Home Office”

3 Tips for Buying Power Tools

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Unfortunately in life, things break and need fixing or replacing. Constantly hiring a repairman to do the job can empty out your wallet quickly. While purchasing your own power tools can be expensive, if you know how to use them, you will most likely save money in the long run. If you find yourself constantly having to call a repairman or contractor to do things you could do if you had the proper tools, you need to look into purchasing your own. Follow these tips to save yourself money:

Find Wholesale Power Tools Locally
If you cannot justify buying new power tools, look through your community’s advertisements and find wholesale power tools locally. If you only need Continue reading “3 Tips for Buying Power Tools”

Do Window Cleaners Still Provide Services in Winter?

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It’s a question that window cleaning professionals get a lot: do cleaners still offer home window cleaning services in the winter?

Home window cleaning services are straightforward enough in the warmer months, when the worst that can interrupt a job is usually wind and rain. But in the winter, you have below freezing temperatures, snowstorms and blizzards. Is it really possible for residential window cleaners to do their jobs in these conditions?

The answer is yes. Most cleaners need the income too much to stop offering home window cleaning services i Continue reading “Do Window Cleaners Still Provide Services in Winter?”

Different Types of Membranes for Commercial Flat Roofs

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Flat roof types are commonly used as commercial roofing solutions. There are several different types of commercial roofing materials that can be used as a membrane for a flat roof. Here are just a few:

  • Built Up Roofing

    Built up roofing (BUR) involves placing either asphalt waterproofing or coal tar pitch between piles of felt that reinforces the roof. These materials prevent flat roof leaks when installed properly, and there are pros and cons to both types of commercial roofing materials used in BUR.
  • Modified Bitumen

    Modified bitumen me Continue reading “Different Types of Membranes for Commercial Flat Roofs”

The Care and Keeping of Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring options in the United States. Cost effective, durable, and customizable, laminate flooring fits perfectly into many lifestyles. While laminate flooring is made to last, there are a few things that homeowners can do to ensure the long life of their floor.

Following your laminate floor installation, the first thing you will want to do is protect your new floor. Area rugs and floor mats can help prevent people and pets from tracking mud and grit onto the new floor. Keeping your pets’ nails trimmed will protect your floor and boost their overall health. Heavy objects and furniture with castors should be placed on floor protectors Continue reading “The Care and Keeping of Laminate Flooring”

What Does Your Flooring Say About You?

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Every floor delivers a message. Hardwood flooring says you’re classic and genuine. Tile flooring says you’re tidy and reasonable. Cheap laminate flooring says you’re working on a budget and you don’t care if it is real, it just kind of needs to look real. There is a flooring style for every family and every personality and the key is to find out which one fits you.
Wood Flooring
Adding a hardwood floor to your home in the United States could cost you around $6,000. However, you can consider that money a huge investment. Hardwood floors has for hundreds of years and may buyers prefer to purchase a home with beautiful, permanent hardwood floors rather than carpet, which Continue reading “What Does Your Flooring Say About You?”

Who You Should Hire for Your Next Carpet Cleaning

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Imagine this: a kid on your block has a real entrepreneurial spirit. In the summers he mows your lawn. In the winters he’s shoveling your driveway. And all of a sudden, after his family buys a fancy power cleaner for the carpet, he approaches you about giving your floors a good washing. Maybe he even offers to take care of some of the apartment cleaning service on your rental property down the block. You may really want to foster this spirit he has going but thing again! When it comes to cleaning, you should only ever work with companies that are bonded and insured, just in case something happens.
For example, what if your renter has a red stai Continue reading “Who You Should Hire for Your Next Carpet Cleaning”

What Kind of Asphalt Service Does Your Dilapidated Driveway Need?

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Asphalt driveways are extremely popular due to the fact that they’re affordable and long-lasting. But eventually, problems do tend to crop up — especially in areas with a regular freeze-thaw cycle that puts extra stress on paving materials. So what should you do if you have potholes, dips or cracks in your driveway? Here are the three basic types of companies you might consider calling, along with descriptions of what they can handle:

  1. Asphalt Repair Company

    An asphalt repair company will do just what its name suggests — make individual repairs on your driveway. This will generally involve filling in potholes and sealing cracks. The process is normally quite successful (asphalt is easier to repair than concrete, for example), but it does leave a visible patch that som Continue reading “What Kind of Asphalt Service Does Your Dilapidated Driveway Need?”

Three Essential Services That Your Garage Door Might Need from a Repair Company

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As many as 71% of homeowners use garage door openers to get into their homes each day. This means that they depend on the door for safe and easy entry into their homes. But what happens when garage door parts, such as the opener, break down?

For starters, homeowners lose that easy entry point into their homes. A broken garage door means no getting into — or out of — the garage unless the door can operate manually. Additionally, around half of home burglaries also occur due to an unsecured garage door, so this problem also puts the home at risk for trespassing and theft.

If your home has a garage, there’s a good chance you don’t really give this area of your property much thought — until there’s a problem with it. Whether you want to safeguard against theft or get the door in good working o Continue reading “Three Essential Services That Your Garage Door Might Need from a Repair Company”

Should You Hire a Handyman? Check out These Pros and Cons Before Deciding

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When you’ve got repairs or construction that need doing, your two basic options (besides taking on such tasks yourself, which you shouldn’t do unless you’re quite experienced) are to hire a handyman or to look for contractors. What is a handyman? Handymen — who can also be women — are jacks of all trades, people who are qualified to take on more types of tasks than contractors, who tend to focus on a single aspect of building. If you’re not sure whether a handyman would suit your needs, weigh the pros and cons:

The Pros

Do You Have Mold Hiding in Your Home?

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When people think of mold, they often think of mold from water damage that’s visible and obvious. But water damage mold is only the tip of the iceberg. The worst household mold won’t necessarily be visible to the naked eye. It could be hiding somewhere you don’t even see.

Mold doesn’t just get into your home after a flood. Mold spores can travel inside through windows, vents, open doorways, and even heating and air conditioning systems. Though mold usually grows in places where there’s lots of moisture, like around roof leaks, pipes and windows, it can also grow elsewhere as long as it finds a nurturing environment.

Most mold thrives at normal room temperatures, so unless your house is regularly above 100 degrees Fahrenheit or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you could be at ri Continue reading “Do You Have Mold Hiding in Your Home?”

How Does Rent to Own Work?

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Many people know why rent to own homes are so advantageous, but few know how rent to own works. Here’s a brief explanation to help guide you through the process.

The Period of the Contract.

One of the first things a buyer and seller negotiate is the period of the contract, which is how long the buyer will lease (rent) the house before making a decision to purchase it. Most contracts have a period between one and three years. Oftentimes, prospective buyers will set the period of their contracts higher to give them enough time to rebuild their credit or so that they have enough time to save up for a down payment. Some, on the other hand, will set the period sho Continue reading “How Does Rent to Own Work?”