The Three Different Kinds of Topsoil

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Growing a successful garden isn’t always easy. It can take quite a bit of garden landscaping supplies to keep plants healthy, especially when a yard does’t contain ideal growing conditions. One of the most important factors that determines the health of garden plants is topsoil.

What is Topsoil?

Topsoil makes up the first layer of dirt in the ground, and it is where most of the nutrients in soil are contained. Topsoil is created by dead and decaying organic material from plants and animals, as well as rocks that are broken down over time. Not all topsoil is the best topsoil for gardening. T Continue reading “The Three Different Kinds of Topsoil”

The Importance of Sewer and Drain Cleaning

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Sewers and drains are an integral component of any plumbing system, and can be found both inside and outside of homes and buildings. A house will not be able to function properly if the draining system is inoperable, or not kept in good working order. This can lead to costly damage of your property, and in same instances, may even pose a risk to your health.

Perhaps the most common problems associated with sewers and drains revolve around blockages. Drains may become clogged over time due to frequent use. The most obvious sign that your drains are clogged is the slow drainage of water, or not drainage whatsoever. This why proper sewage and drain maintenance in addition to sewer and drain cleaning are of the utmost importance.

A blockage can quickly become a big headache if not addressed. The Continue reading “The Importance of Sewer and Drain Cleaning”

3 Plumbing Changes That Can Make Your Bathroom Greener

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Most of us use our home bathrooms without much regard to how their plumbing might be affecting the environment. But there are actually quite a few residential plumbing services that you take advantage of to keep your negative impacts low. Here are a few easy and moderate steps to take:

  1. Water Saving Toilets and Low-Flow Fixtures

    Water saving toilets and low-flow fixtures are two of the easiest changes that can make a bathroom more environmentally friendly. Often, low-flow showerheads are so well designed that you can use less water without noticing any difference at all in your water pressure and overall shower experience. There are both single- and double-flush low-flow toilets, so you can pick whichever you like better. Some are pressure-assisted to ensure that all w Continue reading “3 Plumbing Changes That Can Make Your Bathroom Greener”

Four Signs that Your AC is On its Last Leg

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Does your air conditioner seem to be on it’s last leg in spite of your best attempts to keep it repaired? Air conditioners last longer with proper care and maintenance. Change your filters every three months, and invest in routine maintenance from HVAC companies. Even the best maintenance won’t stop your unit from breaking down eventually, however, and you need to be able to identify the signs when they appear.

Here’s how you know when to invest in repair or replacement:

To Buy or to Build– That is the Question!

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Happy days are here again as the housing market continues to recover from the Great Recession. Since April, 2012, there has been a 25.4% increase in American home sales. This is excellent news for our overall economy, and for homeowners and prospective home buyers as well.

Of course, nearly three quarters of all U.S. homes were built before 1990, meaning that a number of them are rundown or outdated. This is not a positive trend when it comes to the continuing appreciation of home values. However, new home builders have seen an upswing in the creation of custom homes recently. As of 2013, approximately 711,000 new custom homes in the U.S. had completed the building process.

M Continue reading “To Buy or to Build– That is the Question!”

5 Landscaping Ideas That Can Transform Your Backyard

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Sure, you could just go for a plain lawn-and-patio setup in your backyard. But what’s the fun in that? Here are some unique garden landscaping ideas that can turn your backyard from a bland, unused space into a family — maybe even neighborhood — hotspot.

  1. Add Masonry

    Adding higher-end elements such as a masonry fireplace can make your backyard instantly more appealing. As well as providing a focal point and gathering space for your yard, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit can also extend the life of your outside space, making it more comfortable both in early spring and late fall.

  2. Utilize Stones

    If you’d like to use your lawn for furniture — but don’t want to get rid of the grass altogether — you may want to consider a flagstone and grass patio Continue reading “5 Landscaping Ideas That Can Transform Your Backyard”

Equipment Rental Companies Why More Contractors Are Depending on Them

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Many who work in the construction business have encountered problems with their heavy machinery and tools at one time or another. Sometimes parts break down unexpectedly, which necessitates a quick replacement while waiting for commercial equipment repair. Other times, specific machinery is hard to come by for sale, so rental can be a better option — especially for short-term projects.

Today, many contractors are actually finding that there’s an advantage to renting equipment over buying it. With more tools available in more places, renting can often pose an advantage over the purchase of construction equipment. Here are three ways that many contractors are finding that Continue reading “Equipment Rental Companies Why More Contractors Are Depending on Them”

Four Ways to Improve Bathroom Safety for Seniors

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There are numerous challenges to growing older, including reduced mobility, decreased stability and weakening bones. However, many of these difficulties can be met. Instead, the true problem is often maintaining independence in spite of these factors. This is rarely ever truer than when it comes to using the bathroom, which is packed with slippery surfaces, unsuspected obstacles, and a lack of supportive elements. Fortunately, there are a number of steps that can be taken to promote bathroom safety for seniors. If you or a loved one is worried about aging and safety, following these tips can prevent injury and put worried minds at ease.

Firstly, Consider Your Bathtub or Shower
While stepping over the side of a bathtub is a simple task for most people, it can be difficult an Continue reading “Four Ways to Improve Bathroom Safety for Seniors”

The Top Three Things to Know When Buying a Generator

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Whether you’re dealing with some residential electrical contractors like Home Electrical Atlanta or your local Home Depot, there are some reoccurring problems that you will have with generators. Some of the advice Home Electrical Atlanta offers can be figured out without their help, though; here are three things you should know about generators before you pick one up:

1. Less is More

There is a certain instinct people have when they begin looking at power generators for homes. They want to be sure that they have as much secure power as possible, so they want two or even three generators on standby in the case of an emergency. The truth of the matter is, though, Continue reading “The Top Three Things to Know When Buying a Generator”

Tips to Keep Homes Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter

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The effects of global warming are starting to become more apparent, and some of the most noticeable changes for people around the world are the weather extremes from season to season. Summers are getting hotter as winters are getting colder. In an attempt to adjust to these drastic changes, many homeowners are looking for ways to combat the blistering heat and extreme cold during the summer and winter months. Instead of turning up heating and air units from season to season, which hurts both wallets and the environment, homeowners should try some of these easy money-saving tricks:

Winter Energy Saving Tips

  1. Lower the Thermostat – As tempting as it is to raise the temperature on thermostats during the winter, this can cost homeowners more than they woul Continue reading “Tips to Keep Homes Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter”