3 Most Basic Types of Lighting for Your Home

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A room typically has many functions. It may be a place to unwind after a busy day at work or serve as a workplace for that matter. Also, a room may function as a dining area for you and your family to enjoy meals together. That’s why experts recommend having the lighting features match the theme, layout and application of each room. For instance, bedroom, kitchen, study room and living room will often have varying lighting effects. To achieve this, you need to consider installing these three basic types of lighting ideal for the interior of the home. They are general lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.

Ambient Lighting
This is one of the most widely used types of lighting. Also known as general lighting, its main purpose is to illuminate the entire room, so y Continue reading “3 Most Basic Types of Lighting for Your Home”

Would You Like to Save Energy and Reduce Your Heating Bill This Winter? Here’s How!

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Chances are that you’re well aware about the costs associated with heating and cooling your home. In a typical home within the United States, this usually accounts for about half, or 48%, of overall energy usage. While 57% of the homes within the United States use natural gas to heat their homes, others may use electricity or other means, such as commercial boilers. Many older homes and apartment buildings may have commercial boilers to heat up their living spaces as well.

On average, furnaces usually last for about 15 to 18 years. If you already know your existing furnace is about this age or older, then it would be a good idea to consider replacing it with a newer model. Just in case your furnace has been replaced more recently, it would be a good idea to have a routine inspection before the cold weat Continue reading “Would You Like to Save Energy and Reduce Your Heating Bill This Winter? Here’s How!”

5 Great Tips and Tricks to Keeping Your HVAC System Happy

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If you are like most homeowners (or renters), you do not spend a lot of time thinking about your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit. Most people avoid thinking about theirs unless there is a problem and that is never the best time to look for HVAC repair companies to help. If your system is having issues, the chances are good that so are lots of people in your area. There are some things you can do to help your system run smoothly without having to call an HVAC services company to get your unit running again.

  1. Keep an eye (and ear) on your unit. Everyone loves their HVAC unit when it is keeping their home comfy and cosy. To make that the norm, it is a good idea to pay a Continue reading “5 Great Tips and Tricks to Keeping Your HVAC System Happy”

Are You Preparing to Select Lighting Fixtures for Your New Home?

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You are down to some of the final steps of planning for the new house. One of the things that is left, however, seems a bit overwhelming. Although you find yourself admiring the lighting fixtures in other people’s homes, you have never really had to pick any of those fixtures out for yourself.
You have purchased table and bedside lamps, as well as a few standing lamps, but you have never selected permanent lighting fixtures before. In fact, you do not really know the difference between bowery lighting and lightolier fixtures. And, unless it is merely a process of looking at price tags, you do not understand anything about the top lighting brands or what makes one kind of modern recessed lighting bette Continue reading “Are You Preparing to Select Lighting Fixtures for Your New Home?”

Why Is My HVAC System Being So Loud?

hvac companyEven when you clean your air ducts every three to five years and receive routine HVAC maintenance on your heating and cooling system, sometimes things can go wrong. In this case, your HVAC system is being strangely loud.

But how can you determine whether or not your HVAC system’s suddenly loud sounds are worth being concerned about? Should you call your HVAC company? Because your system can use up to 48% of your home’s energy and because it may be dangerous if left unattended, having your system looked at by your HVAC company may be a good idea.

What you shouldn’t be concerned about
HVAC systems typically make sounds when they’re working properly. These sounds consist of a low humming, which is the fan and motor that allow the system to properly function. Additionally, you’ll most likely hear the sound of the air coming through the vents as well as the occasional thump or a squealing sound when the system itself turns on or off.

What you should be concerned about
Being worried about the sounds of your HVAC system is a good thing. It’s better to be safe than sorry. But one of the best ways to determine whether something is truly wrong with your system is being able to differentiate the normal humming of the motor and any new noise.

Indoor systems
When an indoor unit is being noisy, it’s most often caused by the blower motor or even a bad belt. When these parts are old or loose inside of the system they can make rattling, banging, screeching, or squealing sounds. Clicking sounds coming from your system often means the thermostat is failing to start up and is having difficulty activating the system.

Outdoor systems
In the case of outdoor systems, when there’s a deep rattling sound it may be a sign that there is debris caught in the exhaust fan. Debris can sometimes make its way into the system despite the grate protecting it from the outdoors. This is often the case when there’s been a strong thunderstorm. Turn your system off if it’s making loud noises and look to see if there is any debris inside of the grate.

When your HVAC system begins making sounds that are unfamiliar to you as a homeowner, it’s understandable to be concerned. If your system is being uncharacteristically noisy, it may be dangerous to let it be without having it looking at by a professional. Contact your HVAC company today for a better understanding of what’s making your system so loud.

Why Homeowners Should Consider Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

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Sewer line repair is a necessary but complicated job that no home owner looks forward to having to call sewer contractors about. However, if you’re envisioning your pristine yard being torn up, thanks to the traditional “trench” method of sewer line repair, think again. You may want to look into companies that offer trenchless sewer line repair as an alternative. Though it can cost more upfront, you may save money overall by not having to repair your landscaping after the fact. It also has a lower environmental impact than the tradition trench method. Of course, the ideal is to not need sewer line replacement or repair in the first place. Continue reading “Why Homeowners Should Consider Trenchless Sewer Line Repair”

3 Acts Of Nature That Can Damage Your Roof

roofing shinglesWhether you like it or not, the first thing impacted by weather and storms will always be your roof. Your roof is what protects your house and everything in it from rain, snow, hail, and any number of other environmental factors. Therefore, your roof needs to be as well prepared as possible to handle what nature will throw at it. Even weather conditions as simple as rain can have a huge impact on your roofing shingles.

An inch of rain, for instance, can add up to 1,900 gallons of water on an average size roof. For this reason, it’s important that you not only install roofing shingles that can handle intense weather, but also that you maintain and repair your roofing shingles year round. Below are three ways in which nature can ruin, or attempt to ruin, your roofing.

  1. Hailstorms – A hail storm may as well be a cascade of falling rocks when it comes to its impact on your home’s roofing. You may not need roofing replacement, but you’ll definitely need some repairs. Hail can cause torn and cracked shingles as well as water leaks or a ruined gutter.

    After the storm has passed, stand outside your house and look for any inconsistencies in your roof’s appearance. You should be able to spot if there’s been any damage. Class 4 shingles can withstand heavy hail, but generic roofing shingles may require roofing repair.
  2. Thunderstorms – Your roof should have the strength to handle large amounts of rain. However, thunderstorms with strong winds can cause trees, branches, and other debris to hit your roof and cause damage. Heavy amounts of rain can also impact your gutters and, if the storm is bad enough, may even tear it away from your house.
  3. Hurricanes – Not many roofs can survive the strong winds, heavy rain, and flying debris of a hurricane. The impact of flying debris can easily take out roofing shingles and gutters if not entire houses depending on the class of the hurricane.

Nature can take a heavy toll on your roof. Fortunately, roofing contractors are there to ensure that your roof can protect your home even after the harshest of storms. For a professional opinion on your roof’s damage after a storm and for a consultation regarding your roof’s repair, contact BandB Roofing today.

Designing Spaces for Learning and Healing With Acoustic Building Materials

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Architects and designers are discovering the importance of incorporating sound design in healthcare and educational facilities. Loud sounds and background community noise can both disturb the functioning of both kinds of spaces. Healing and learning happen best in calm and soundproof environments. Acoustic building products like acoustic ceiling tiles and soundproofing walls can create quiet and calm environments for schools and hospitals, to benefit those who work there as well as students and patients.

Noise hampers learning and healing
Loud noises can affect health and learning processes. Continuous exposure to loud sounds can be a health hazard. People who are exposed to sounds over 85 decibels on a regular basis are at ri Continue reading “Designing Spaces for Learning and Healing With Acoustic Building Materials”

Planning to Upgrade or Renovate Your Bathroom? Here Are Just a Few Ideas!


Are you looking for bathroom design ideas? Whether you’re renovating an existing bathroom or adding on a second or third, you may be interested in hearing about what other homeowners have done or are planning to do. Since there are so many available high-tech products on the market today, you may also want to explore your options there as well.

A survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders found that bathroom remodels are the most requested renovation job within the United States. Bathroom contractors have recently handled 78% of these types of renovations. The 2016 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, for example, found that 90% of homeowners were planning to change the overall style of their bathroom during an upgrade. It’s interesting to note that 73% of homeowners hadn’t upgraded their bathro Continue reading “Planning to Upgrade or Renovate Your Bathroom? Here Are Just a Few Ideas!”

4 Reasons Your Water Bill Remains Costly

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For many people, living on their own means paying bills. Considering that, it makes sense to do what is needed to ensure incoming bills remain as low as possible. Many people are currently paying costly water bills. Not only that, these bills are often able to be reduced by a simple call to a plumber. In many cases, a simple plumbing inspection can help find many hidden plumbing problems. Considering that, here are four common causes of increasingly high water bills.

  1. Having Low Flush Toilets Installed

    It’s understandable that many homeowners are eager to find the home they want. That being said, it’s wise to check out which appliances are currently within your home. If you’re tired of paying expensive water bills, it’s time to take a look at your toilet. Certain toilets Continue reading “4 Reasons Your Water Bill Remains Costly”

The Top Five Landscape Design Ideas For First-Time Homeowners


Landscaping is an art form. No, really! Just like interior design is a combination of composition, layout and color, exterior design is an entire field of potential just waiting for your unique touch. More experienced homeowners are already familiar with the benefits that come with sprucing up their lawn or installing a new patio, but first-time homeowners can find themselves stumbling over landscape design.

The five ideas below will not only give you a good starting point, they’ll also help you learn about all the benefits that come with modern landscape design.

Install A New Garden

Why not kill two birds with one stone? You can spruce up the appearance of your home and create a fresh new hobby all in one go. Over 80% of Americans believe having a yard is important, th Continue reading “The Top Five Landscape Design Ideas For First-Time Homeowners”

Winter Maintenance Tips for Siding

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During winter, siding is exposed to the elements constantly, meaning it gets its fair share of damage. Because of this, it’s important to take care of your home’s exterior, aside from keeping it clean. But regularly maintaining your home’s exterior along with taking proactive measures, you can ensure your home will make it through the winter in one piece.

Wood siding maintenance is especially important. Wood is susceptible to rotting, particularly when it is exposed to a lot of water, like melted snow. So, in order to keep your wood siding in good shape, keep an eye out for rotting. If you catch the rotting soon enough, you can take care of it before it becomes a bigger problem. Peeling paint is a tell-tail sign of rotting, so address and peeling paint as soon as possible. A professional siding Continue reading “Winter Maintenance Tips for Siding”