Moving Is Already Stressful, Here’s How You Make It Easier

Moving can be an absolute headache, even cause massive amounts of stress. Imagine, if you will, you are being evicted and you have a short amount of time to find a place before you find yourself on the streets. Already causing anxiety thinking about it? Just imagine people actually going through that.

Luckily, there are services that can make the move much easier to handle, lower your stress to a healthy amount and get your stuff from your old place to your new one.

Utilizing Storage Services

Storage units can seriously be a lifesaver when you are moving. Remember the eviction example? Well, it just so happens that storage units offer the perfect solution to a dire situation like that.

Storage units are small and large areas that you can rent out for a period of time; there’s short term storage and long term storage. Pick the one that best suits your purpose. Short term storage is great Continue reading “Moving Is Already Stressful, Here’s How You Make It Easier”

The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring

Engineered bamboo flooring is becoming a more popular choice for eco-friendly homes. It offers some great benefits and has a similar look to wood flooring that is visually appealing. However, it can be a little trickier to maintain than a regular wood floor and has some cons for people to consider before they choose to install it.

If you’re considering putting engineered bamboo flooring in your home, take a second to compare the pros and cons below.

The Pros of Bamboo Wood Flooring

The obvious benefit of this type of flooring is that it’s an eco-friendly material. It comes from a highly renewable source that is natural and good for the planet. If you are looking for ways to have a more environmentally conscious home, then this could be a good place to start.

Installation is also a plus. Installing bamboo flooring is very similar to installing wood floors and is a Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring”

How to Design a Basement That Won’t Get Moldy

Basement remodeling is becoming a popular trend in home renovations, with good reason. A finished basement can have a 70% return on investment when reselling a home. From recreation areas to home gyms, there are endless ways to make use of basement real estate. If your family is going to be spending time in your newly finished basement, it is important to make sure the environment isn’t doing them any harm. No matter how nice your new basement design looks, they are naturally dark and damp places that can attract dangerous mold.


Having mold in your basement an affect the entire household, as spores will rise and spread to the rest of the house. When ingested or inhaled, mold spores can cause breathing troubles, skin irritation, or can even be toxic. Mold can also compromise the structure of a wooden home if it spreads to the framework. To protect your home and family, read on for ways to keep your basement mold-free.


Avoid Organic Materials


Mold stays alive through moisture and a food source. By removing the food source, you can minimize the likelihood of mold growing in your new basement. This means avoiding organic materials such as drywall and wood floors. Experienced basement refinishing contractors can provide safe alternatives to keep your finished basement looking homey while staying dry. If your basement is being used for storage, remove any organic materials like newspapers, extra wood, or even clothing. If these things must remain in the basement, store them in airtight containers.


Take a Minimalist Approach


The less space being taken up in your basement, the more airflow the room can have. Increasing airflow to prevent stagnant areas and limiting the number of items in the room that could feed the mold are great preventative options. They also make your basement look larger and more open, so it’s a win-win!


Monitor Humidity Closely


The key to preventing mold is to limit humidity. A great start is purchasing a dehumidifier for your basement to take some of the moisture away, and if possible, run a fan in the room for an hour every day to circulate air. It’s also important to make sure all entrances to the outdoors are sealed and well-insulated and have a ventilation system. When considering basement remodeling avoid things that will hold moisture, such as carpeted floors; try tile instead.

While basement remodeling can be a great home addition for a family to enjoy and increase overall value, it’s important to make sure it’s safe. While it is a contractor’s job to build the basement correctly to protect the inhabitants, it is the homeowner’s job to make sure it stays safe and free of moisture for years to come.

Looking At Considerations For The Care And Keeping Of Your Home

If you’re looking to keep your home in good condition, there are a number of aspects that you’ll need to pay particularly close care for. These will range from your siding to your roofing, but there is certainly no doubting the fact that all are important to the overall health of your home – and how well it stands the test of time. Keeping up to date on home maintenance and fixing any problems as soon as they first develop will also be key in maintaining the overall quality of your home, there is no doubting this fact in the slightest.

For instance, consider your roof. The care and keeping of your roof is quite vastly important indeed, as damage to your roof can actually lead to other types of damage all throughout the rest of your home as well. Fortunately, there are a number of steps that can be taken to prevent these damages from ever happening in the first place. For one thing, having regular roofing inspections conducted is an absolute must, and it is actually something that Continue reading “Looking At Considerations For The Care And Keeping Of Your Home”

Transportation Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes The Development Of The Elevator Throughout History

Transportation isn’t just taking the bus or riding a bike. It’s also how we move within a place.

The flight of stairs up to the lunchroom. The bridge that connects from one building to another. We are constantly in a state of moving, often taking for granted all the little ways our world is made accessible to us. Commercial elevators, in particular, are a great feat of engineering and practicality. Without them much of what we know and love would either be difficult or downright impossible! Residential elevator installation is a resource you can’t afford to overlook if you’re a contractor or a manager…

…and that’s why we’re going to take a look at what goes into installing a working elevator, from the history of the craft to modern lifts. Onward!

Elevators have been around for far longer than you think. Throughout history several forms of lifts have been built, some little more than pull lifts operated by rope and others through steam technolog Continue reading “Transportation Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes The Development Of The Elevator Throughout History”

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems Can Help Home Owners Save Money

There are many reasons that people look at new homes, but some of them are a little more focused than others. In fact, energy efficient home solutions are an increasingly popular reason for people to consider the construction or purchase of a new home. As heating and cooling costs continue to increase, it should come as no surprise that home climate concerns continue to grow. With the use of the latest environmentally-friendly materials, home owners can find a way to make sure that you are able to achieve the energy efficiency that you want.
As the nation continues to be full of people who are working to lessen their environmental footprint, it should come as no surprise that there is an entire industry that has grown around the creation and implementation of energy efficient home solutions.
Is Your Home as Energy Efficient as It Should Be?
Heating and air conditioning costs continue to skyrocket as more an Continue reading “Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems Can Help Home Owners Save Money”

When and Why to Test For Radon Gas

A typical American household may face a number of hazards, and one of the lesser known (but no less harmful) hazards is radon gas. Local radon testing may be done when a homeowner looks to nearby radon testing companies that can provide testing kits. A local radon mitigation company may then be hired if the rest results are positive, and all this is not something to be neglected. Radon gas is quite dangerous, and these radon testing companies should be contacted at once if a homeowner has reason to suspect unsafe levels of this gas in the home. What might radon testing companies do for their customers, and what exactly are the hazards of this gas?

On Radon Gas

This is a dangerous element to contend with. Radon gas is odorless, tasteless, and invisible, and it tends to seep out of the ground. This may happen right underneath a house, and if the basement has cracks in it, this radon gas may leak right into the air. This heavy element is found naturally, and it is in fact ra Continue reading “When and Why to Test For Radon Gas”

Moving To A New Place? Save Money In The Long Run By Hiring An Experienced Moving Company

Moving to a new place is a real pain. You already have a lot to worry about without adding on the drudgery of packing, labeling, and recycling to the list.

A little help goes a long way, right? You don’t have to pretend to be a superhero and do every little thing on your own. An experienced moving company can take a look at your workload and take some of that stress from your shoulders…with the added benefit of making the whole thing go faster, to boot! The best movers have this process down to an exact science, able to take this seemingly endless task and wrap it up neatly. If it’s been a while since you moved to a new place — or you’re just looking for extra advice — look no further than the list below.

Moving help is not just faster, but cheaper. Here’s how an experienced moving company can help you.

Did You Know?

Americans are well-known for their wanderlust. Even if you’re one of the rare few that has stayed in one place fo Continue reading “Moving To A New Place? Save Money In The Long Run By Hiring An Experienced Moving Company”

How to Save Money on Energy During Winter

During the colder months of the year one of the concerns many people have is their energy bill. Without the proper precautions in place it can sky rocket during the winter. However, there are plenty of things that can be done to cut back on energy costs.

For a list of suggestions on saving money on energy during winter, continue reading.

Proper Insulation

One of the best things you can do for your home all year round is have proper insulation installed. Insulation helps to keep heat and cool air in your house and stops it from leaking out of cracks. Insulation companies can install it for you, so you don’t have to stress over how to put it in.

New Furnace

Another investment you can make is to install a new energy efficient furnace. This might seem like a large expense at first, but it will pay for itself over time. The amount of money you will save on your energy bill year round will make up for the initial installation costs.

Seal Your Win Continue reading “How to Save Money on Energy During Winter”